Cancelled Flights

This Winter's Record Number of Plane Cancellations Can't Entirely Be Blamed on Weather

This has been the worst winter for flight cancellations on record

The introduction of cows changed the diet of ancient Britons

6,000 Years Ago, the Trendiest Food in Ancient Britain Was Dairy

New research shows that ancient Britons started cooking with dairy soon after livestock was introduced to the isles

Walk Across Lake Superior's Frozen Surface to These Insane Ice Formations

Sea caves at Apostle Islands National Lakeshore are usually only accessible by boat

Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson's Family Home Opens in Columbia

Woodrow Wilson’s boyhood home in Columbia, South Carolina is having it’s grand opening on Saturday, February 15

Chinese takeout boxes like this one set American-style Chinese restaurant Fortune Cookie apart from its Chinese counterparts

China Gets Its First American-Style Chinese Restaurant

Located in Shanghai, the American-style Chinese restaurant Fortune Cookie was founded by two Cornell graduates, Fung Lam and David Rossi

Detroit Institute of Arts (Image Credit: Julie Magro via Flickr)

Detroit's Art Collection Could Be Saved From the City's Creditors

Detroit is bankrupt, and the city's creditors are looking everywhere for money, including the Detroit Institute of Arts

Kootenay National Park

Researchers Have Found a Treasure Trove of Fossils in Canada

Researchers have found a treasure trove of fossils in Canada

Kerouac Alley in San Francisco

This Minimalist Travel Guide Gives Detailed Directions for Recreating Kerouac's On the Road

As mapped out by Google, the trip would take about 272 hours and 15 minutes

Sri Lanka's First Expressway Is Making the Country Feel Tiny

The E01 gives this island nation its first taste of the open road

Artist's rendition of a bedroom at the Poseidon Mystery Island underwater resort

You Can Now Go on Vacation Under the Sea

Your next romantic getaway could be in a submarine or underwater hotels

Bay of Islands, New Zealand Image Credit: wfeiden via Flickr

Archaeologists Uncover New Zealand's Oldest School

Archaeologists discovered the remains of a 200-year-old school in northern New Zealand

Aerial view of the damaged site at Dawlish taken from the Network Rail helicopter

Flooding in the UK Causing Travel Nightmares

Last week, the seawall holding up part of a key railway line went down

New Theory: King Tut Died in a Chariot Crash

A new examination of Tut's remains reveals that he was killed in a horrific chariot accident

The Oseberg ship

The Vikings Had a Taste for Fine Persian Silk

Silk wasn't the only thing that Vikings got from Eastern lands.

Germany Adds a Third Gender to Birth Certificates

Parents of newborns born in Germany now have a third option for the gender section of their birth certificate

How Much of a Subway Map Can One Person’s Brain Process?

A group at MIT has figured out how to build a better subway map, by replicating how the brain processes a map

Oysters Don’t Have Ears But Still Use Sound to Choose Their Homes

Oyster larvae find their homes by responding to the unique sounds of a reef


Who Steals Pumpkins From Kindergarteners?

Across the country, pumpkins have been stolen from their owners

World Series Game 6

The Last Time the Red Sox Won a World Series in Boston Was 1918. What Was That Like?

Red Sox fans are partying like it's 1918.

A spiral well at El Brujo, near where the mummy was found

Archaeologists Find an Unusual Victim of Human Sacrifice in Peru

The young woman was either poisoned or strangled with a cord, then dumped into a pit

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