Anne Frank at Merwedeplein in Amsterdam

After Tokyo Libraries' Anne Frank Books Were Defaced, Israel Offered to Replace Them

At least 300 books about the young Jewish girl who was killed in the Holocaust, including her famous diary, were vandalized in Tokyo libraries.

Bison Cave Painting From Altamira

Spain's Prehistoric Cave Paintings Open to the Public for the First Time in Twelve Years

Today, five people were selected at random to visit the cave at Altamira for the first time in 12 years

The Moon

Draw on the Moon (Virtually!)

Artists Ai Weiwei and Olafur Eliasson collaborated on an online art project

Ukraine's Independence Square February 23

Ukrainian Protesters Are Already Establishing a Museum for Maidan Artifacts

Less than a week after the uprising in the Ukraine, some groups are already documenting the historic moment

North Korea from Space

That Dark Spot? It's North Korea

In images taken on the International Space Station, the country of North Korea is barely visible at all

St Martin's In the Fields William Logsdail

See London in Double Vision—How It Looks Today And How Artists Saw It Years Ago

These pictures of modern London streets mashed up with old artwork are a sight to see

Iron Age coin hoard

Hoard of Gold Coins Found in California

In what can only be described as every child’s dream, a couple in California found treasure buried in their backyard

Traditional Space Saver in Boston

Cities Across the Country Say: End Savesies on Snow Days

Car owners save shoveled parking spaces with weird household items, and officials say it's got to stop

Before and After: Where has the Mango Gone?

Giant Mango Goes Missing in Australia

A giant, kitschy tourist attraction has disappeared from the Australian town of Bowen

This handbag from around 1300 in Mosul, Iraq is on display at the Courtauld Gallery in London until May 18, 2014.

This 700-Year-Old Purse From Iraq Is Remarkably Intact

Handbags have been popular for millennia, but usually we don't find them all in one piece.

Surface of Mars as seen by NASA's Mars Pathfinder

Islamic Authorities Issue Fatwa on One-Way Trips to Mars

A group of imams in the UAE (the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowment or GAIAE) have issued a fatwa prohibiting muslims from going to Mars

US Embassy in Jakarta Facebook Page

Embassies Are Working on the Most Diplomatic Ways to Use Facebook

Even Chinese embassies use Facebook. What about the rest of the world?

The FBI Was Still Investigating John Wilkes Booth a Century After Lincoln's Death

The blog Wonders and Marvels came across the FBI file on John Wilkes Booth

Protestors Strengthening Barricades in Kiev

Here's How Ukraine's Political Crisis Is Affecting the Olympics

One Olympic athlete has withdrawn from competition; Russia may be holding back


Connecticut's Trying to Stop Oyster Thieves

Even after centuries of trying, the state hasn't figured out how to stop the stealing of shellfish

This is the late 18th - early 19th century internal (vaginal) irrigator made of bone discovered at City Hall Park, New York City.

A Strange Object Found at New York's City Hall Was a 200-Year-Old Feminine Hygiene Product

Archaeologists were initially mystified

Vitruvian Man

Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man May Not Have Been a Flawless Picture of Health

He may have had a hernia

Pawel Althamer's Draftsmen's Congress at the New Muesum

Write on the Walls at New Museum’s New Exhibit

At Pawel Althamer's exhibit at the New Museum in New York City, visitors are invited to participate in the creative process

Erosion of a Bronze Age Post in the Thames

Archaeologists Are Calling on Average British Citizens to Save Eroding History

The sea is devouring medieval towns, uncovering shipwrecks, and eroding valuable archaeological sites.

Protestor at the barricades in the Ukraine, back in January

Why Are People Protesting in Ukraine?

At least nine people have died in clashes between protestors and police in Kiev’s Independence Square

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