Giant Mango Goes Missing in Australia

A giant, kitschy tourist attraction has disappeared from the Australian town of Bowen

Before and After: Where has the Mango Gone?
Before and After: Where has the Mango Gone? Bowen's Big Mango Facebook Page

A giant, kitschy tourist attraction has disappeared from the Australian town of Bowen. The 30-foot-tall fiberglass mango was moved overnight by a very well equipped team of thieves with access to a crane and other heavy duty equipment. 

Many news outlets are speculating that this is not a theft, but a massive publicity hoax. A police report has not been filed for the 12-year-old missing mango, and after the press releases were linked to Banjo Advertising, the agency didn’t deny accusations that it was a publicity stunt.

But, if it is a publicity stunt, it's a charming one, that has alerted mango-lovers worldwide to the existence of this giant piece of fake fruit, built for $90,000 in 2002, as an homage to the fruit that Bowen is famous for.

Meanwhile, other Australian towns with giant fruit (apparently, giant sculptures are a trend in Australia) remain in fear that their sculptures will be next. Smoothies anyone? 

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