Visualization of flight paths by NATS

See Every Plane Criss-Crossing Europe in This Weirdly Beautiful Video of Flight Paths

An air traffic control company created this incredible video showing flight patterns around Europe

New Zealand's Flag

New Zealand Wants a New, Less British Flag

Seeking to carve out an identity distinct from the UK, some in New Zealand are pushing for a new flag

Tsunami walls in Japan were overrun by the 2011 tsunami

Japanese Towns Are Choosing Between Walls to Protect Against Tsunamis And Access to the Sea

Areas along the Japanese coast are building seawalls to prepare for the next big one

Boros Bunker Berlin

A 20-Acre Industrial Park in China Is Being Transformed Into an Arts District

Near the Chinese city of Shenzhen, a 20-acre factory complex, abandoned for 10 years, is slowly being reclaimed


Could Giant Walls Prevent Tornadoes?

The idea is to build three walls, 1,000 feet high and 150 feet wide, running east to west across the country's middle

Kiruna's Iron Mine at Night

How to Move a Town

Sweden’s northernmost town is moving towards the east to avoid falling into a mine

In Orbit

Two Artists Lived on a Giant Hamster Wheel for Ten Days

The exhibit, In Orbit, is on display at a Williamsburg gallery

Pyramid of the Sun

Mexico's Pyramid of the Sun Is Slowly Turning Into a Pile of Dust

When scientists scanned the pyramid's insides, they found a giant pile of dust

Ice yacht on the Hudson

It Was Cold Enough This Winter to Go Ice Yachting on the Hudson River

This high-speed sport only happens when conditions are just right: a frozen river, lots of wind, and cold temperatures

Airplane Landing

What's the Most Perfect Moment to Buy That Plane Ticket?

You know that the longer you wait to book a flight, the higher ticket prices climb. But when exactly should you book a flight?


Sub-Orbital Travel Is Going to Make the World Feel Really, Really Small

Our small world is about to get even smaller—for those who can afford to fly sub-orbitally

These Alien-Looking Metal Domes Are Keeping London Safe And Dry

The flood barrier that protects London closed fifty times this winter—a new record

PCT and Trap Lake

This Is What It Looks Like When You Hike All 2,650 Miles of the Pacific Crest Trail

Welcome to the monumental endurance of thru-hiking

Congress Designates the First Wilderness Area in Five Years

32,500 acres of lakeshore along Lake Michigan have been designated as wilderness by Congress


Singapore Is the World’s Most Expensive City

Tokyo has been dethroned

Tennessee Is About To Get a New State Artifact

A Native American sculpture is about to become Tennessee's state artifact

Service Dogs Sign

Pet Owners Are Pretending Their Dogs Are Service Animals to Sneak Them Into Places They Shouldn't Be

Parking in a handicapped spot is illegal, and so is misrepresenting your pet as a service animal

Prison Food Graffiti

In a Handful of Prisons, Inmates Are Being Trained in the Restaurant Business

Real-world experience is hard to come by behind bars, but some charities and prisons are working to change that

Polovtsian Statue

Eastern Europe's Anthropomorphic Stelae Have Been Neglected for Years

Across the steppes of eastern Europe, anthropomorphic stone stelae have dotted the landscape for centuries


The Oldest Cheese in the World Was Found on Chinese Mummies

A strange substance found on the neck and chest of mummies in China is the world's oldest cheese

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