Meerkats at the London zoo

Watch Adorable Meerkat And Otter Live Streams, Help Combat Poaching

Google and the London Zoo have teamed up to offer live streams of animals in an effort to test conservation tech

A photo of Achatinella mustelina

How Endangered Snails Are Endangering Hawaiian Public Radio

The mating season of protected snails delay radio repairs during pledge season

New Jersey Encourages Hunters to Add Bear to Menu

New Jersey is hoping more hunters will take advantage of bear season

Ransom money is dropped near the ship MV Faina in 2009 while the ship was occupied by pirates

Robot Ships And Pepper Spray—the Latest in Pirate-Fighting Tech

New technology developments are looking to combat piracy and terrorism on the high seas

This Comedy Club Charges By the Laugh

In Barcelona, a comedy club is keeping tabs on its patrons' laughs with facial recognition technology

Photograph of Robert E Lee's Arlington house taken in 1861

Rare Photo of Robert E. Lee's Slave Acquired by National Park Service

The photograph of Selina Gray and her children sold on eBay for $700

Satellite image of New Zealand

Here's One Very Good Reason to Drill Deep Into an Active Fault

Scienctists hope to install instruments at the fault to observe changes in the earth at depth

More Americans Speak Arabic at Home Than Italian or Polish

21 percent of Americans speak another language at home

One of the approximately 14,000 year old coprolites found at Paisley Caves

Paisley Caves Added to National Register Of Historic Places

One of the earliest sites of evidence for human occupation of North America

Replicas of the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria sail Past Cape Canaveral in 1992

Shipwreck Probably Not Santa Maria

Shipwreck found off the coast of Haiti is probably not Santa Maria

Apollo-Era Data Is Helping Scientists Look for Gravitational Waves

Seismometers that were placed on the moon during the Apollo program collected data that is being used by physicists today

Part of a 600-year-old canoe was found in New Zealand, featuring this rare carving of a sea turtle.

One Very Old Canoe Could Help Explain How Polynesian Sailors Colonized New Zealand

New climate analysis and a very old canoe help researchers understand how the Polynesians got around

Memorial in London dedicated to the memory of the people who died in the bombings of July 7, 2005

To Detect Bombs Before They're Used, Sweden Is Looking at Its Sewers

The EU's Emphasis Project is designed to detect people manufacturing IED's

Blood vessels of the neck and head

Blood Vessels Left Imprint on 2,000 Year Old Mummy

An Egyptian mummy's skull contains the imprint of blood vessels surrounding its brain

This Drone Could Live on Your Wrist And Help You Take Selfies

Holding a camera at arms length is so passe

The CIA Has Its Own High-Security Starbucks

Even spies need their morning coffee

Drone equipped with camera

Who Can Use Drones This Week?

Movies and deliveries are moving on up, while fines and bans go into effect in parks

New Marine Robots Could One Day Patrol the Oceans

How do you keep an eye on the oceans? With robots

An Artist's rendition of HAT-P-11b crossing in front of it's star

Water Vapor Found on Small, Cloudless, Hot Planet

NASA announced yesterday that water vapor had been detected on exoplanet HAT-P-11b

More Women Have Reproduced Than Men

A new study shows that more women than men have contributed to the human gene pool

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