1 kilometer (0.62 mile)-long fissure in Iceland's Holuhraun lava field on August 29

Icelandic Volcano Is Erupting Spectacularly (And Relatively Quietly)

The eruption, currently spewing lava fountains, could go on for a year

At "Slaves' Hill," Some Workers Ate Better Than Others

New research suggests that the workers at copper mines in the Levant were valued workers, not slaves

Sculpture inspired by traditional Norwegian fiskehjeller (fish racks) and designed by Rintala Eggertsson Architects

This Beach Sculpture Is Modeled After Norwegian Fish Drying Racks

Norway's SALT festival involves music, sauna's and architecture

Someday, Okra Could Help Make Ice Cream

The slime in okra could make for a natural ice cream stabilizer

Modern-day Canadian Inuit pictured in their traditional boats (umiak), used for hunting and 

The First People to Settle Across North America's Arctic Regions Were Isolated for 4,000 Years

New research shows that the first humans in the Arctic lived there for nearly 4,000 years

Is This the Most Efficient Way To Build the Pyramids?

A new physics study shows another possible method for how the pyramids of Egypt were constructed

Whale-Watching Can Actually Be Harmful To Whales

Ecotourism can give people a closer look at wildlife, but in the case of whales, it could also harm the wildlife they're looking at

The Glines Canyon Dam on the Elwha River, shown here in 2012

Dams Removed On Washington State River

The removal of dams on the Elwha river is the largest dam removal to take place

What's Replacing Coal In Europe? Imported Wood

In trying to meet renewable goals, Europe is relying on wood from forests in the Southern United States

A zoomorphic stone portal found at the re-discovered site of Lagunita

Two Maya Cities Found in Mexican Jungle

One of the sites was re-discovered after being lost for decades

Public Health Orgs Are Weighing In on E-Cigarettes

The AHA is neutral on e-cigarettes in U.S., but the WHO wants to ban them indoors

Shrek the sheep (seen here in 2004) held the record for wooliest sheep

Tasmanian Sheep May Be Wooliest In World

Shaun the sheep might beat out the previous champ, Shrek, as the world's wooliest sheep

Fully Functional Thymus Grown In Mouse

Growing organs for human transplant is still a long way off, but this study is still a step forward

Methane bubbling up from underneath an Alaskan Lake

Gas, Probably Methane, Is Seeping From 570 Sites off the East Coast

A new study shows that we might find additional sources of methane in places we least expected it

Corals And Fish Can Tell a Bad Reef When They Smell It

New research indicates that young marine species can be picky about where they choose to settle

New Jersey Will Test Solar-Powered Commuting Pods Straight Out of the Future

The new form of transportation looks like it came here from the future

Elephant Poachers Also Targeting Vultures

Vultures are being targeted by elephant poachers in Africa

People in the Stone Age Were Fans of Escargot

A new study pushes back the date of land snails being consumed in the Mediterranean

Tuberculosis Probably Hitched A Ride To America on Seals

A new study finds that TB is not only younger than we thought, but it also spread in weird ways

Demand for Renewable Energy Is Real

But the industry still has a few hitches to work out—like solar panels burning birds

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