A herd of horses in Mongolia

The World's Longest Horse Race Is Going on Right Now in Mongolia

With wild horses, broken bones and treacherous terrain, this isn't a steeplechase

Yellowstone's Grand Prismatic Spring

This Is Why the Park Service Banned Drones—One Just Crashed Into a Famous Hot Spring

This is why we can't have nice things

Jump on Massive Trampolines in a Giant Cavern in Wales

This sounds like fun: jumping on trampolines 180 feet above the floor of a giant cavern

Barcelona's Olympic Stadium

Barcelona's Turning Its Old Olympic Stadium Into a Virtual Reality Themepark

At Barcelona's Olympic Stadium, you can race a virtual Olympian

Humanity’s Legacy Might Be The Holes We Leave Behind

The last remnants of human civilizations might be the holes we carve into the earth

An image from NASA of algae blooms along the Gulf coast, seen here in teal. This image was taken by MODIS at an unspecified date.

The Gulf of Mexico's Dead Zone Is the Size of a Small State

The Gulf of Mexico's dead zone actually shrunk this year—but it's still the size of Connecticut

When Scientists, Social Media, and the Kardashians Collide

A commentary published in a scientific journal sparks a heated debate amongst scientists

Civil War Battlefields Are Overrun With Deer

The Parks Department is going to spend $1.8 million to have hunters cull them

Algae bloom on Lake Erie in 2011

1970s Redux: Lake Erie Is So Polluted, Toledo's Drinking Water Was Cut Off

An algae bloom in Lake Erie leaves hundreds of thousands without fresh drinking water

Siegfried Sassoon

These Diaries, of Poet Siegfried Sassoon, Capture the Chaos of WWI

Siegfried Sassoon's poems captured life in the trenches of WWI

Send Your Pets’ Remains To Space

A new service offers to launch your pet's ashes into space

Mummies From Around the World Had Hardened Arteries

Mummies from cultures across the globe have one thing in common—plaque in their arteries

How Big Were Romans' Feet?

A bioarchaeologist proposes one method to answer that question

Nanopropellers, shown in this artists rendition as the smaller corkscrew shapes can move through even difficult areas of the body. Micropropellers, like the one illustrated in the top left, tend to get stuck in the same materials (shown here in orange)

Tiny Propeller Is 100 Times Smaller Than A Red Blood Cell

Boldly going where no machine has gone before

An undated photo of a forest fire in Yosemite

With Wildfire Still Burning in Yosemite, Sequoias, At Least, Are Safe

Up and down the West Coast, extraordinary fire seasons are becoming more common—and making climate change worse

Health workers burying an Ebola victim in Liberia

The Difficulty of Burying Ebola's Victims

No one knows how long Ebola viruses can live in the body of a victim

French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel with some of his works in Hong Kong, May 2014. The sculptures he is designing for Versailles have a similar pearl-strand shape.

For the First Time in 300 Years, a New Permanent Sculpture Will Grace Versailles

A fountain sculpture being installed on the grounds is intended to be the first permanent addition to the collection in centuries

The London as it looked before it blew up

In 1665, a British Warship Mysteriously Blew Up—And Soon We Might Know Why

349 years ago, the warship The London exploded in the Thames Estuary. Now archaeologists are trying to figure out why

Your Dog Might Be Jealous

How much is that green-eyed doggy in the window?

Shale Oil May be Making Railroad Oil Transport More Dangerous

The rise of shale oil and longer shipping distances have spurred railroad regulators' push to update oil cars

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