Jump on Massive Trampolines in a Giant Cavern in Wales

This sounds like fun: jumping on trampolines 180 feet above the floor of a giant cavern

Bounce Below

Usually, trampolines can make you feel like you’re flying like a bird. But at a new attraction in North Wales, jumping on trampolines might make you feel a bit more like a bat instead. The giant trampolines at Bounce Below are located in a former slate mine, 100 feet below the surface. 

The attraction opened up last month and features three massive trampolines strung across a cavern twice the size of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Connected by slides and walkways, the trampolines areand are suspended at different levels in the cavern, with the tallest 180 feet above the cavern floor.

The mine itself was carved into the earth’s crust in the 19th century. The slate extracted from it was primarily used as a roofing material in industrial Britain. Today, a mining train is still used to ferry customers to the trampolines in the main cavern. 

This isn't the first unorthodox idea for a trampoline installation. Two years ago, architects in Paris proposed a trampoline bridge across the Seine, and architects in Russia actually built a trampoline road running through a forest. 

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