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Humvees stored inside the Frigaard Cave in central Norway

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The Marines Have Equipment Stashed In Norwegian Caves

The Marines are storing tanks and other large equipment in large caves in Norway

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Help NASA Out by Looking at Beautiful Pictures of Space

NASA wants your help identifying astronauts' photos of the earth

An image taken during field work in the Daan River gorge, Feb. 8, 2010. The large outcrop in the center of the photo disappeared in the space of an hour during a flood in 2012.

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This Gorge Is Living Its Life on Fast-Forward

A quickly carved river gorge may disappear in just a few decades

Clouds of ash from the 2011 Grímvötn eruption in Iceland

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One of Iceland’s Volcanoes Is Rumbling

It looks like another one of Iceland's volcanoes is ready to erupt

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Scientists’ Underwater Microphones Monitored By Militaries

NEPTUNE is used for hunting whale songs, but Canada and the US worry it could be used for other purposes

The bottle recovered from a shipwreck off the coast of Poland

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200-Year-Old Alcohol Found in Shipwreck Is Still Drinkable

Researchers found the liquid, originally thought to be mineral water, was actually over-aged booze

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Why Are People Afraid of Colgate Total Toothpaste?

Bloomberg reports that customers are abandoning Colgate's Total brand because it contains triclosan

The entrance to Actun Tunichil Muknal

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You Can Visit A Cave Where the Ancient Maya Sacrificed Humans

In Belize, the Actun Tunichil Muknal cave is an eerie experience for visitors

Fish swimming by the Great Barrier Reef

New Research

Outlook For Great Barrier Reef Not So Great

The five year state of the reef reports paints a gloomy picture for the natural wonder

The tattoo biosensor (enlarged to show detail)

New Research

Using Sweat To Power Devices Isn’t Far Off

An intense workout at the gym could one day not only recharge your batteries, but your phone's too

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Seagrass Meadows Are Disappearing at the Same Rate as Rainforests

These underwater habitats are important for several species of sea life

A gallery in the Tate Britain

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Starting Tonight, You Can Roam the Tate Museum After Hours, Via Robot

Spend a virtual night at the museum with robots

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How Plants Could Clean Up Abandoned Mines—And Extract Metal in the Process

Some groups are researching how plants can be used to clean up dangerous metals from the ground

Nurses in a Liberian hospital dressed in protective clothing to prevent the spread of Ebola

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WHO Says ZMapp Is Ethical; Too Bad There's None Left

Small supplies of the drug bring up a whole host of other ethical dilemmas

A group of baby pandas born in China last year

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Baby Panda Triplets Born In Chinese Zoo

At 15 days old, the panda cubs are still vulnerable, but are doing well so far

Iceland's Capital Reykjavík

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Iceland’s Naming Laws Prevented a 10-Year-Old From Getting a Passport

Iceland's rules for naming children are getting a lot of attention after a few high-profile cases

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Are Hard Foods Healthier? In Your Mind, Maybe

New research shows that texture plays a large role in how we see the nutritional value of food

The LDSD being lifted into the air by balloon during a test on June 28, 2014

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Watch Video From NASA’s "Flying Saucer" Test

The LDSD test on June 28 went well, and more tests are expected to run next year

New evidence shows that Rock Doves (an ancestor to today's feral pigeons) were eaten by Neanderthals

New Research

Evidence Shows Neanderthals Ate Birds

Squab was apparently on the neanderthal menu for over 40,000 years in Gibraltar

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It's a Wrap! The Forest Service Is Wrapping Historic Structures To Protect Them From Wildfires

Similar protective covering is used as emergency shelters by firefighters

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