This Drone Could Live on Your Wrist And Help You Take Selfies

Holding a camera at arms length is so passe

BUCK Studio/Corbis

Selfies, taken somewhat spontaneously with a phone or camera, have been elevated to an art form. At the same time, drones haves started being used to capture more adventurous (and planned) self-portraits.

Really, it was only a matter of time before people started combining the two. 

Holding your camera out at arm's length to capture a self-portrait can be tiresome, and selfie sticks haven’t really caught on in the United States. Enter Nixie, the wearable camera-drone.

One of the finalists of Intel’s Make it Wearable contest, Nixie is a high-tech bracelet that can quickly transform into mini-drone, fly an appropriate distance away and take a picture or video of you and your surroundings. It then returns, in a process that Gizmodo’s Kate Knibbs likens to “a futuristic paparazzi boomerang.”

Nixie is still very much in the development stages, and the full prototype won’t be presented until the Make it Wearable finale in November. Other finalists in the contest include a personal climate control device, a low-cost hand prosthetic, and a device that allows parents to connect with babies placed in NICU, among others. Winners will be announced on November 3

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