Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality Could Change the Way We Travel

Innovations in virtual reality could change how we travel

Dinosaur Trackways

Almost 65 Years After Its Pieces Were Dispersed, Scientists Reconstructed a Long-Lost Dinosaur Chase

A lost set of dinosaur footprints in Texas has been reconstructed from 70-year-old photographs

Pyongyang Marathon

Want to Run a Marathon in North Korea? Here's Your Chance

For the first time, the Mangyongdae Prize Marathon in Pyongyang, North Korea, is open to amateurs

Tourists Outside King Tut's Tomb

Egypt Building a Fake Version of King Tut's Tomb for Tourists

The original tomb is being damaged by constant visitors, so authorities are building another


Watch This Hypnotic Time Lapse Video of Coral

Corals are animals, rooted to the ocean floor but capable of some hypnotically beautiful movement, as this time lapse video shows


No-Kill Caviar Could Make Luxury Less Expensive

Given a particular protein and a nice massage, sturgeon give up their eggs without giving up their lives

Tie Dye Egg by Lindsey Bull from last year's Big Egg Hunt in London

The Hunt For Giant Easter Eggs Across New York City Is On

Not just any eggs—260 egg-shaped sculptures that range from ornate to modern

This Mummy Had an Angel Tattooed on Her Leg

A 1,300 year old Egyptian mummy was found to have the tattoo of an angel on her inner thigh

Lehman Cave

Even Caves Need a Spring Cleaning

Volunteers removed two tons of detritus from Lehman Cave in Great Basin National Park

The English city of Bath was one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the 1800's

Here’s How Tourism Worked in the 1860s

One of the only constants: Paris is popular.


In a Few Small Countries, Tourists Massively Outnumber Locals

To attract enough tourists to overwhelm its population, a country needs something special to attract them.


Booking Your Vacation At Work? Bad Idea

Study finds that booking a vacation at work tends to lead to purchasing more expensive hotels and being less satisfied with your trip

Roman Soldiers

Scholars Translate Ancient Guilt Trip in Letter From Soldier to Family

A new translation of an 1,800-year-old letter illustrates the hardships suffered by soldiers on the Roman frontier

Artwork At Delaware Art Muesum

Detroit's Art Might Be Safe, But Delaware's Isn't

Detroit (for now) has prevented a massive sale of artwork, but Delaware’s art museum hasn’t been so lucky

Pyramids of Meroe, Sudan

Qatar Gives $135 Million to Sudan for Archaeological Projects

The war-torn region has some of the most incredible, unexplored antiquities sites in Africa.

Abandoned Ride At Spreepark

Berlin Just Bought This Abandoned Theme Park

Spreepark, a theme park outside of Berlin has been abandoned for 13 years, but it may get a new lease on life

Rochester Subway

Rochester's Abandoned Rail Line Is a Charming Ruin

In Rochester, New York, the remains of a rapid transit system provide a canvas for graffiti artists


Somewhere Lets You Travel To Amazing Places Online

Somewhere takes you instantly to some of the most photogenic places on earth

Concert Hall in L'Aquila, Italy

Take a Tour of Pritzker Winner Shigeru Ban's Paper Tube Structures

Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has been awarded the Pritzker prize, one of architecture’s top prizes

Gold Coin

The US Mint Made Its First Ever Set of Curved Coins

It's a home run!

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