How Fast Can You Print Out a Building?

A company in China says it can print out 10 buildings a day

Mark and Scott Kelly in 2011

Twin Astronauts Are Helping NASA Learn How a Year in Space Changes the Human Body

Mark and Scott Kelly will be part of a living experiment

Convenience Stores Are Killing Hotel Minibars

Once found in many hotels, minibars are slowly being phased out

Tourists crowd the Sistine Chapel

It Takes A Lot of Planning for a City to Canonize Two Popes At Once

At least 1.3 million people gathered for the canonization of two popes in Rome this weekend

Campbell's by Andy Warhol

It Took Three Years to Restore 23 Pieces of Art Andy Warhol Made on a Computer in the 1980s

Trapped in an obsolete computer format, these works are finally seeing the digital light of day

View of ancient buildings in a sandstorm in Lanzhou city, northwest Chinas Gansu province, 24 April 2014

Photos: A Massive Sandstorm Swept Across Northern China

The event is one of the largest to hit China in years

No more selfies required with a vacation photographer

People Are Hiring Professional Photographers for Their Vacations

Professional photo shoots aren’t just for weddings anymore

Sewer cover in Los Angeles

L.A. Needs Water, And for a Century, the "Mother Ditch" Supplied It

Built in 1781, the "Mother Ditch" supplied water to the early city

Everything at This 4,500-Year-Old Site Was Removed—And Then Reburied

An unprecedented trove of artifacts and burials found at a development site were recently removed and reburied

Elevator shaft

China's About to Have the World's Fastest Elevator

The elevator will ascend 95 floors in 43 seconds

A trash dump outside of the capitol of Easter Island, pictured in 2011

Easter Island's Monumental Garbage Problem

As tourism increases, so does the trash on this remote island

Charles Dodgson

Lewis Carroll Hated Fame So Much He Almost Wished He'd Never Written His Books

At least, that's what he said in a letter, now in the University of Southern California library

Discovery Hut

Preserving Antarctic History Means Chipping Out Tons of Ice From Between Floorboards

Built by Robert Falcon Scott, Discovery Hut is one of several historic structures being preserved in Antarctica

National Park of American Samoa

This Week Is National Park Week

It's spring, and the National Park Service wants you to visit


The Wheelie Was Invented in 1890

A stunt bicyclist named Daniel Canary claims to be the first person to master the trick

Poveglia Island

Lease a Haunted Venetian Island for 99 Years

Formerly a quarantine island for plague victims and an insane asylum, now you can call this island home

 Gabriel Garcia Marquez

How Gabriel Garcia Marquez Became a Writer

Marquez attributed his writing to drawing as a child…and Franz Kafka

Greater Rhea trio

The U.K. Is Weirdly Obsessed With Rhea Birds—Which Keep Escaping Their Owners

A rhea went on the lam in the U.K.—and is far from the first giant, flightless bird to do so

Instead of Paying for Coffee, Mobile Workers Can Pay for Quiet

Working on the road? Now there’s an alternative to crowded coffee shops


Missouri Wants to Use Military-Grade Sound Cannons to Slow Drivers Down

The LRAD sound cannon has been used to subdue protests, deter pirates and, now, slow down speeding drivers.

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