Roman Forum

Ancient Walls Show That Rome Is Older Than Legend

Romulus and Remus were 100 years late to the party

Wooden letterpress type

New York Once Had an Entire District for Typography

Downtown New York used to have an entire neighborhood of type foundries, before they all disappeared

Knik & Colony Glacier

Which of These Two Alaskan Glaciers Is Better to Visit?

As one glacier melts, locals are pushing for tourists to visit rival pile of ice

Flower Field China

Flower Tourism Blooms in China

The Netherlands has tulips, Japan has cherry blossoms, and now China wants in on the action too

Jet Lag

Mathematicians Want to Fix Your Jet Lag—Fast

They've created a system that will tell you exactly how much light to get in order to fix your circadian rhythms

You Can Read All 17,198 of Susan Sontag's Emails

She sent emails with subject lines like "Whassup?"

Passport Pages

India And the EU Are Making It Much Easier for Tourists to Get Visas

Traveling can get tangled in red tape, but some governments are trying to make it easier

The stolen diamond looked nothing like these

This May Have Been the Worst Diamond Heist in History

An Albuquerque museum was robbed of a diamond that was returned the next day

Detroit Institute of Arts

Bidders Are Clamoring for Detroit’s Artwork, But the City Isn’t Selling

As the bankruptcy fight rages on, Detroit’s artworks are still objects of interest

Fuxianhuia protensa

Oldest Fossilized Heart Found…It Belonged to A Shrimp

Researchers found the oldest-known cardiovascular system in a fossilized “shrimp-like” anima

Thames Houseboats

10,000 People Live in Houseboats on London’s Waterways

High rent prices have driven Londoners onto the water

Inle Lake

Myanmar Is Becoming A Tourist Destination, But at a Cost

As more tourists enter the country, environmentalists worry about local ecosystems

St Louis

Archaeologists Have Turned Up Teeny Tiny Pieces of St. Louis’ French Past

St. Louis was originally a French colonial city, but most remnants of that period have been lost to time, until now

Columbian Mammoth

When Evolution's Controversial, Declaring a State Fossil Can Get Tricky

The Columbian Mammoth gets caught in the crossfire of the culture wars

Voynich Manuscript

Is One of the Weirdest Books on the Planet Actually a Hoax?

This small book has puzzled scholars for decades and remains a mystery


This Rare Footage Shows Two Live 15-Foot-Long Oarfish Swimming in the Ocean

Two very shy oarfish were seen swimming near the shoreline in Mexico


Why the Roseland Ballroom Had to Stop Dancing

Tonight is the last preformance at the iconic New York concert venue the Roseland Ballroom

Christmas Island Red Crab

Christmas Island Is 63 Percent National Parkland...And Has More Crabs Than People

This nature's paradise is hard to get to, but is home to a fascinating phenomenon


Bison Running Away From Earthquakes? Not So Fast

A video of bison running through Yellowstone sparked speculation that they were running away from an earthquake. They weren't

Mayan Ruins

Mayas Used Spiked Clubs to Bash Combatant’s Heads

Analysis of skulls gives insight into violence in the Mayan culture

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