Exxon Valdez

25 Years Ago, The Exxon Valdez Ran Aground

On March 24, 1989 the Exxon Valdez ran aground on Bligh Reef, spilling 11 million gallons of crude oil into Prince William Sound

Abandoned Scottish Boats

All Known Shipwrecks in Scotland Are on This Map

The Scottish coastline is treacherous, as this interactive map of shipwrecks shows


Florida Gives Up on Beating Back Python Invaders

Pythons in Florida are invasive predators that aren't going anywhere

Black Truffles

France Is Fighting for Its Fungi

With rising temperatures and changing rainfall patterns threatening truffle supplies of France and Italy, Chinese truffles are moving in

Wild Rogue Wilderness Area

What Are the Best Wilderness Areas in America?

The Wilderness Society is putting together the "Great American Backyard Bucket List"

Cigarette Seller in Iran

Cigarette Smuggling Is Rampant in Places Where a Pack Costs $14.50—And Where a Pack Cost Fifty Cents

In a roundabout way, the Iranian government may actually benefit from cigarette smuggling

Morocco Video Postcard

Careful: These Gorgeous Video Postcards Will Inspire Instant Wanderlust

Take a minute-long trip to a faraway land

Nootka Island Lighthouse

In British Columbia, There Are Amazing Waves No One's Ever Surfed Before

Nootka Island is a surfer’s paradise for enthusiasts who don’t mind water temperatures hovering around 50 degrees Fahrenheit

The Miami Circle

Miami Developers And Preservationists Are Fighting Over the Fate of an Incredible, 1,500-Year-Old Settlement

The archaeologists who found it say it's "likely one of the most significant prehistoric sites in the United States"

Ice on Arctic Ocean

Two Men Are Heading to the North Pole, On Foot, As Fast As They Possibly Can

They're attempting to break the speed record for traveling unsupported from Ellesmere Island to the North Pole

Swallows Nest in Crimea

For Russia, Annexing Crimea Means Reclaiming "Paradise"

Crimea's idyllic scenery has drawn Russian tourists for years

Traffic in Paris

You Can Ride the Paris Metro for Free Right Now

But if you have a car with an even-numbered license plate, you're not allowed to drive

Crimean coastline

Here's Your Visual Guide to the Conflict in Crimea

An interactive map that shows the current hotspots and points of interest in the political crisis

Bryce Canyon National Park

National Parks More Than Pay for Themselves

It turns out there are some very practical reasons to keep the parks going

Atlas V Rocket Launch

Next Stop: Gas Stations In Space

MIT scientists have a new plan for refueling stations in space


Most of the Vegetables You Eat in Winter Pass Through This One Town

This border town processes between 60 and 70 percent of all winter produce shipped to the United States


New York Is Turning Its Leftovers Into Natural Gas, With the Help of Hungry Bacteria

Some cities are taking table scraps and turning them into fuel.

West Coast of Ireland

Ireland's Wild Atlantic West Is the Longest, Uninterrupted Coastal Route in the World

The Wild Atlantic Way skirts the entire west coast of Ireland

Take a Mini-Tour of the Lenten Station Churches of Rome

During Lent, some Romans make an annual pilgrimage to churches all around the city, visiting one each day

Colorado River

Google River View Comes to the Colorado River

Google's street view is now available for off-road destinations

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