Holiday Gift Guide

If there is a silver lining to the year, it would be that we were able to slow down and take a closer gaze at things we usually overlook.

The Ten Best Photography Books of 2020

From redheads to surfboards to national monuments, the subjects of our favorite titles this year are wide-ranging

The Best Books of 2020

In our efforts to increase and diffuse knowledge, we highly recommend these 80 titles released this year

Our favorite books this year are ones with messages that help kids understand the world around them.

The Ten Best Children's Books of 2020

These top titles deliver history lessons, wordplay and a musical romp through the animal kingdom

The books Smithsonian experts recommend this year are, in a word, relevant.

Smithsonian Scholars Pick Their Favorite Books of 2020

This wide-ranging list offers much-needed context for the issues at the forefront of the national conversation

This year's top titles include One Mighty and Irresistible Tide, You Never Forget Your First, and Caste.

The Ten Best History Books of 2020

Our favorite titles of the year resurrect forgotten histories and help explain how the country got to where it is today

This year's top ten titles explore the cosmos, fear and cleanliness alongside narratives about owls, fish and eels.

The Ten Best Science Books of 2020

New titles explore the mysterious lives of eels, the science of fear and our connections to the stars

Each year, Purdue University’s INSPIRE Research Institute for Pre-College Engineering turns into a toy testing laboratory.

The Ten Best STEM Toys to Give as Gifts in 2020

Tested and reviewed by engineers, these top picks make coding, robotics and engineering more accessible than ever

Grounded travelers, be thankful for these travel books released in 2020.

The Ten Best Books About Travel of 2020

In a year of travel restrictions, these titles helped us channel our wanderlust

Learn about the underbelly of your neighborhood supermarket, 100-plus uses for beans and more in this year's top food books.

The Ten Best Books About Food of 2020

From cookbooks to grocery-store exposés, these new books will tempt palates and fuel curiosity

The list includes Wingspan, Letter, Jam, Parks and Dune.

The Best Board Games of 2019

Take to the skies, the national parks and to the streets of Tokyo in these offerings perfect for family gatherings


The Best Books of 2019

In our efforts to increase and diffuse knowledge, we highly recommend these 65 titles released this year

Students and teachers can download 3-D print-ready files of the Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops skulls.

Ten Smithsonian Artifacts You Can 3-D Print

The list includes Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit, an Abraham Lincoln life mask and a coral skeleton

Purdue University’s INSPIRE Research Institute for Pre-College Engineering works with pre-school, school-age, college undergrads, engineers and parents to test and rate science- and tech-themed products.

The Ten Best STEM Toys to Give as Gifts in 2019

Stretch young learners’ minds with everything from card games to robotic spheres

Best Gifts of 2015 for Museum Lovers

A host of gifts inspired by the Smithsonian collections, its scientists, curators, historians, photographers and gardeners

These soft maps highlight inspiring sites within nearly 50 cities.

Great Gifts for the Traveler in Your Life

From crumpled maps to clothing that helps national parks, there's never been a better time to spoil your favorite traveler

Checking out our gift guides is a bright idea.

The Best Gifts of 2015 for Science Geeks

We've selected a plethora of unique science gifts, from solar system glasses to fossilized dinnerware

What do you think this thingamabobber does?

Nine Gifts for Gadget Lovers

From a connected kitchen scale to a "Coolbox," these products make perfect presents for the technophiles in your life

The Best Photography Books of the Year

These photographers see things differently and invite you into unfamiliar worlds

The Range cooking thermometer for iPhone/iPad could be the perfect gift for a tech-inclined foodie.

What to Give to Your Favorite Foodie This Holiday Season

Special sauces, spices and tools will delight the amateur chef in your life

Have patience, says this bouquet of two roses and two carnations.

Send Your Valentine a Secret Message in the Language of Flowers, Updated for Modern Lovers

Certain flowers had well-understood meanings back in Victorian times, and now a London startup is trying to revive floriography for current times

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