The Best Photography Books of the Year

These photographers see things differently and invite you into unfamiliar worlds

Angel Salvatory, 17, left, poses with her mother Bestida, right, and one-year-old brother Ezekial, at the Kabanga Protectorate Center. People with albinism are in danger from a black market in albino body parts driven by traditional beliefs, black magic and witch doctors. Bestida recounts how Angel’s father had wanted to attack their daughter ever since she was three-months-old. “He thought if we would take Angel to a witch doctor as a sacrifice that we could get rich,” says Bestida. She managed to talk him out of it for years until one day a group of men came armed with machetes. Despite surviving her father’s attack, Angel died of skin cancer in 2013.

Where Albinism Means Being Targeted for Murder or Dismemberment

Elsewhere in the world, people with albinism are at high risk for blindness and skin cancer. In Tanzania, the threats are much more severe

Photojournalist Eli Reed Shares Some of His Favorite Images From His 40-Year Career

The pioneering African American looks back at the power of the photograph

Central American migrants ride a northbound cargo train through the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. July 2010.

Heartbreaking Photos of Children Who Are Risking Everything to Reach the United States

Michelle Frankfurter tells the stories of these young migrants and also those of the thousands who jump aboard “the death train”


Manhattan Bound

A new book of photographs by octogenarian Helen Levitt charts her amused view of an ever-evolving New York

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