Nine Gifts for Gadget Lovers

From a connected kitchen scale to a “Coolbox,” these products make perfect presents for the technophiles in your life

What do you think this thingamabobber does? (Hammerhead)

There are gadgets and gizmos aplenty. We know. So we've taken the time to narrow the field down to these nine gift ideas, with broad appeal, for your favorite tech enthusiasts.

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Gas Sense ($62)

Maybe you've already gifted the master griller in your life a smart meat thermometer and a monogrammed steak brand. This time, consider pre-ordering Gas Sense, a magnetic sensor strip that attaches to any bottled gas and sends warnings to its owner via an app when fuel is getting low. George Edwards, who came up with the idea while studying engineering at a private school in Kent, England, raised nearly $23,000 on Kickstarter this year. He's now in the business of saving BBQs.


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