The Best Gifts of 2015 for Science Geeks

We’ve selected a plethora of unique science gifts, from solar system glasses to fossilized dinnerware

Want to find the perfect holiday gift for the science fan in your life? No need to experiment—we've done the research and selected some of the most electrifying goodies, from Plutonic pendants to mossy home décor, to fascinate your favorite brainiac.

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Pluto Pendant Necklace ($13.45)

Feeling jaded about Jupiter and saying "meh" to Mars? Spruce up your planetary bling with this colorful Pluto necklace from MGArtisanPendants. The image comes courtesy of NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, which beamed back the first close-ups of the small, icy world and its family of moons in July. The pendant comes in a zinc alloy casing and hangs from a 24-inch bronze chain. If you want a whole solar system of style, the shop also offers pendants featuring other planets, nebulae and galaxies.

Suggested by Victoria Jaggard, online science editor


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