Not many home cooks are aware that pasta’s nutritional value is affected by its preparation.

Your Ten-Step Guide to Cooking the Perfect Pasta, Including How to Salt the Water

Following these pieces of advice from chefs will ensure tastier, more nutritional noodles for all

Should the color of St. Patrick's Day be blue or green?

Should We Be Wearing Blue on St. Patrick’s Day?

Before green came on the scene, blue was the color associated with the Saint and the Emerald Isle

The Range cooking thermometer for iPhone/iPad could be the perfect gift for a tech-inclined foodie.

What to Give to Your Favorite Foodie This Holiday Season

Special sauces, spices and tools will delight the amateur chef in your life

Mario Batali on Why Farmers Should Be the True Stars of the Restaurant World

In his new cookbook, Mario Batali looks to farmers from across the country for inspiration

Your Guide to Shopping at the Farmers' Market and Keeping Your Purchases Fresh at Home

The summer is prime time for shopping at the farmers market, yet, making those finds last can be a challenge

Willowsford is the first neighborhood to take Development Supported Agriculture mainstream.

Bringing the Farm to Your Backyard

Development Supported Agriculture is a growing trend in the housing world, and one subdivision is taking it mainstream

Pork and Anise Soup with Rice Noodles.

These Photos and Recipes of Authentic Thai Food Will Make You Drool for Curry

Food writer and photographer Jean-Pierre Gabriel spent 3 years traveling and developing the ultimate encyclopedia of Thai cuisine

The colorful components of feijoada.

How to Make Feijoada, Brazil's National Dish, Including a Recipe From Emeril Lagasse

The acclaimed chef talks about how to make the South American classic

Van Aken in the MIRA kitchen in the late 80s. MIRA is where New World Cuisine started entering the spotlight.

Why We Have Norman Van Aken to Thank for the Way We Dine Out Today

The James Beard Award winner tells us, and gives us recipes, about the early days of fusion food

Braised dandelion greens.

What the Heck Do I Do with Dandelion Greens?

These weedy pests should be on your next dinner plate

"All the raw materials are there for an incredible cuisine. It just never really had an opportunity to blossom."

This is the Perfect Meal to Cook for This St. Patrick's Day

Chef Cathal Armstrong talks to us about his debut cookbook and offers up recipes that show Ireland's evolving cuisine

Chorizo nachos are just one of the many delicious options for spicing up Sunday's game.

Five Ways to Spice Up Your Super Bowl Nachos

There is more to nachos than Velveeta and jalapeños

Just one bite of Pico de gallo is a party of flavors.

Why You Should Make Your Own Salsa (With Recipe Included)

This Super Bowl, throw away the jar and chop up some veggies

Stop Ruining Your Christmas Cookies! Follow These Tips to Better Baking

Here are a few pointers on making the perfect cookies this holiday season

The Perfect Food for Your Outdoor BBQ: Grilled Pizza

Next time you fire up the grill, try making your favorite pizza

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Is Spaghetti and Meatballs Italian?

The classic dish can be found in red-and-white tablecloth spots across the United States, but there's a fascinating history behind where it got its start

A street food market in San Andrés Cholula, in Mexico's Puebla state

What to Really Eat on Cinco de Mayo

Put down the margaritas and tacos, and pick up a chalupa

Corned beef and cabbage

Is Corned Beef Really Irish?

The rise and fall and rise of the traditional St. Patrick's Day meal


What 9 Famous Chefs and Food Writers Are Cooking to Honor Julia Child’s 100th Birthday

As these luminaries will attest, there's a lot more to Julia than Beef Bourguignon

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