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Wild Rogue Wilderness Area

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What Are the Best Wilderness Areas in America?

The Wilderness Society is putting together the "Great American Backyard Bucket List"

Morocco Video Postcard

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Careful: These Gorgeous Video Postcards Will Inspire Instant Wanderlust

Take a minute-long trip to a faraway land

Nootka Island Lighthouse


In British Columbia, There Are Amazing Waves No One's Ever Surfed Before

Nootka Island is a surfer’s paradise for enthusiasts who don’t mind water temperatures hovering around 50 degrees Fahrenheit

Ice on Arctic Ocean

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Two Men Are Heading to the North Pole, On Foot, As Fast As They Possibly Can

They're attempting to break the speed record for traveling unsupported from Ellesmere Island to the North Pole

Swallows Nest in Crimea

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For Russia, Annexing Crimea Means Reclaiming "Paradise"

Crimea's idyllic scenery has drawn Russian tourists for years

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This Former Salt Mine Is Now a Theme Park With a Ferris Wheel

368 feet below ground, the mine is home to basketball hoops, mini golf, a ferris wheel, an underground lake, a spa and more

Traffic in Paris

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You Can Ride the Paris Metro for Free Right Now

But if you have a car with an even-numbered license plate, you're not allowed to drive

Bryce Canyon National Park

National Parks More Than Pay for Themselves

It turns out there are some very practical reasons to keep the parks going

West Coast of Ireland

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Ireland's Wild Atlantic West Is the Longest, Uninterrupted Coastal Route in the World

The Wild Atlantic Way skirts the entire west coast of Ireland

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Take a Mini-Tour of the Lenten Station Churches of Rome

During Lent, some Romans make an annual pilgrimage to churches all around the city, visiting one each day

Colorado River

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Google River View Comes to the Colorado River

Google's street view is now available for off-road destinations

Visualization of flight paths by NATS

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See Every Plane Criss-Crossing Europe in This Weirdly Beautiful Video of Flight Paths

An air traffic control company created this incredible video showing flight patterns around Europe

New Research

Americans Are Using Transit More Than Any Time in Nearly 60 Years

Transit use seems to be up across the board

Boros Bunker Berlin

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A 20-Acre Industrial Park in China Is Being Transformed Into an Arts District

Near the Chinese city of Shenzhen, a 20-acre factory complex, abandoned for 10 years, is slowly being reclaimed

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Stonehenge’s Stones Can Sing

Stonehenge's mighty bluestones sing when struck


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This Documentary Explores the Lives of Five People Willing to Go on a One-Way Trip to Mars

What drives a person to give it all up and set off into the unknown?

Ice yacht on the Hudson

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It Was Cold Enough This Winter to Go Ice Yachting on the Hudson River

This high-speed sport only happens when conditions are just right: a frozen river, lots of wind, and cold temperatures

Airplane Landing

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What's the Most Perfect Moment to Buy That Plane Ticket?

You know that the longer you wait to book a flight, the higher ticket prices climb. But when exactly should you book a flight?

Part of the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall of China.

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Officials Are Giving the Great Wall of China a “Graffiti Zone”

<a href="">Kilroy was here</a>


Sub-Orbital Travel Is Going to Make the World Feel Really, Really Small

Our small world is about to get even smaller—for those who can afford to fly sub-orbitally

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