From the Editor - Apr 13

From the Editor - Apr 13

Frank Sinatra singing on the stage of the Sands Hotel.

How to Tour Frank Sinatra’s Las Vegas

Even though most of 1950s Vegas is long gone, there are still many ways to relive the haunts of Ol’ Blue Eyes and the Rat Pack

Submit your video to In Motion for a chance to win our grand prize.

Lights! Camera! In Motion!

Introducing the video contest

Superhero origin stories help us cope with adversity.

The Psychology Behind Superhero Origin Stories

How does following the adventures of Spider-Man and Batman inspire us to cope with adversity?

The clocks in each clip document the time throughout the 24 hour movie.

A 24-Hour Movie That May Be the Biggest (and Best) Supercut Ever

Christian Marclay’s The Clock, now on view at MoMA, puts YouTube mashup artists to shame


Our 10 Most Popular Videos of 2012

Giant snakes, lost footage, secret histories and more in this wrapup of our most watched videos of the year


How Benh Zeitlin Made Beasts of the Southern Wild

The Oscar nominee for Best Director transformed filmmaking as he assembled a new myth out of Hurricane Katrina

A still from Lincoln, directed by Steven Spielberg.

Mr. Lincoln Goes to Hollywood

Steven Spielberg, Doris Kearns Goodwin and Tony Kushner talk about what it takes to wrestle an epic presidency into a feature film

A powerful wave destroys New York City in the disaster film Deep Impact (1998)

Big Apple Apocalypse: 200 Years of Destroying New York City

What is it about New York that compels us to see it obliterated in fiction over and over again?

Anna May Wong in Tod Browning’s Drifting (1923), to be preserved by George Eastman House.

The Year Ahead in Archival Films

A guide to the movies being preserved now that will be available in future months


The Origins of the Drive-In Theater

How the drive-in theater became an American icon

Captain America (Chris Evans) and Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) in Marvel’s The Avengers

Film vs. Digital: Archivists Speak Out

Pros and cons of "perforated plastic with photographic emulsion"

Current entrance to The Lot.

Historic Film Studios Gone, but Not Forgotten

The demolition of buildings in West Hollywood and New York City leads us to ask: "What parts of our film heritage are we going to keep?"

Twilight’s Taylor Lautner

Behind the Scenes of Twilight

The wildly popular novels and movies depict werewolves as members of the Quileute Indians of Washington State – a new exhibit tells their real story

The Godfather Effect looks at how the film saga portrays Italian-Americans and what that has meant to author Tom Santopietro, the film industry and the country.

What is The Godfather Effect?

An obsessed film buff (and Italian-American) reflects on the impact of Francis Ford Coppola’s blockbuster trilogy


A Trip to the Moon as You've Never Seen it Before


Meet TOPGUN Radar Intercept Officer David "Bio" Baranek

It’s difficult to hear the phrase “TOPGUN” and not immediately have F-14 Tomcats zooming around in your brain against a rocking Kenny Loggins soundtrack

Still from movie 2012.

NASA Picks Best & Worst Sci-Fi Movies. What Are Yours?

The space agency lists their favorite flicks

Perhaps the most exciting discovery at this year's Orphan Film Symposium was With the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in Spain, by photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Orphan Films - Recapturing Lost Snippets of History

Buffs gather from around the world to watch newly uncovered films by the likes of Orson Welles, Henri Cartier-Bresson and others


Days 7 to 12: A Cannes Farewell

As Michael Parfit bids goodbye to the Cannes Film Festival, there is good news for Luna from the Canary Islands

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