Viewers watch a movie at Shankweiler’s drive-in during the heyday of drive-in theaters.

The History of the Drive-In Movie Theater

The continued attraction of viewing movies under the stars


Water Works

Taking up the family business, Philippe Cousteau campaigns to save our oceans and rivers

Bruce Willis donates John McClane's undershirt to the National Museum of American History, as museum director Brent Glass looks on.

Die Hard Donation

Bruce Willis gives John McClane's blood-smeared undershirt to the Smithsonian. Yippee-ki-yay...


DeLorean Tremens

Hold onto your flux capacitors, time machines have nearly arrived

Thomas Allen Harris with his family in the Bronx, NY (circa, 1977).

Interview with Thomas Allen Harris

Director of "Twelve Disciples of Nelson Mandela"


Al Gore Discusses "An Inconvenient Truth"

Environmentalist Al Gore talks about his new movie


35 Who Made a Difference: Steven Spielberg

A renowned director contemplates the lessons of history

35 Who Made a Difference: David Attenborough

The natural history filmmaker has brought serious science to a global audience


Gods and Moguls

After the events of September 11, even historical fiction takes on new meaning. Just ask Ted Turner


Tarzan the Eternal

From the restless imagination of Edgar Rice Burroughs sprang the most timeless of screen characters


Inside Bollywood!

Bombay's movie industry is India's dream machine. Each year it churns out hundreds of wild and gaudy spectacles


IMAX Takes Us Undersea in the Galapagos

Filmmakers shooting a new 3-D IMAX movie discover tragedy and technical challenges amid moments of breathtaking beauty


Picturing the Face of the African Diaspora


How I Stuck My 'Hand' In a Fire Ant Mound For Television and Glory

Scene from Broken Blossoms starring Lillian Gish and Richard Barthelmess

A Film Buff Cheers the Oldies, Calling for Silents, Please!

Garbo, Chaplin, Keaton yesteryear's screen giants dazzle audiences anew at Pordenone, the world's most pretigious silent-film festival

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