Elegant boat parties are all a part of the Cannes experience.

Day 3: Screenings and the Passions of Filmmakers

Documentaries on dolphin slaughter and reconciliation in Rwanda are contrasted by the glamorous party scene at Cannes

Filmmakers show their work in theaters at Cannes in hopes of picking up international distributors.

Day 2: Building an Audience at Cannes

Like filmmaking itself, selling a movie at Cannes is an intense labor of love

Preparations are underway for the opening of the Cannes Film Festival on May 13

Day 1: The Stage Is Set at Cannes

Filmmakers Michael Parfit and Suzanne Chisholm watch preparations in Cannes and prepare to take on the festival known as the Marché du Film

High school senior Ferris Bueller skips class with his girlfriend and his best friend to take a life-affirming joy ride through Chicago.

Five Movies That Memorably Feature Museums

The ‘Night at the Museum’ films aren’t the only films that take place largely in the confines of a museum

Shawn Levy, director of both Night at the Museum films, hopes his latest film will inspire people to visit America's museums.

Q and A with Director Shawn Levy

The director of both Night at the Museum movies talks about the ups and downs of filming at the Smithsonian

The ivory pleated dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in the 1955 comedy “The Seven Year itch” is the most popular attraction at the Debbie Reynolds Hollywood Motion Picture Museum.

Hollywood on Exhibit

Movie memories come to life inside the filmmaking collections of these seven museums

The 13th century Tripitaka Koreana features 81,258 wooden blocks thought to be the world's most complete collection of Buddhist texts.

Preserving the World’s Most Important Artifacts

The Memory of World Register lists over 800 historic manuscripts, maps, films and more to help raise funds for preservation

Dustin Hoffman, in the famous scene from The Graduate, during his first liaison with Mrs. Robinson. The movie was rejected by every major Hollywood studio.

Five Films that Redefined Hollywood

Author Mark Harris discusses his book about the five movies nominated for Best Picture at the 1967 Academy Awards


Demystifying the Doctor: Government-Sponsored Art Comes To a Coffee Shop Near You


Out of Time: Chinese Films Mingle Past and Present

Katrina Browne and a Ghanaian child on the ramparts of Cape Coast Castle slave fort.

A Northern Family Confronts Its Slaveholding Past

Filmmaker Katrina Browne discusses her family’s role in American slavery

Fakes are an all too real part of the museum world. “There are always artists capable of making and selling things that seem old,” says anthropologist Jane MacLaren Walsh.

Why the Smithsonian Has a Fake Crystal Skull

The Natural History Museum's quartz cranium highlights the epic silliness of the new Indiana Jones movie

Viewers watch a movie at Shankweiler’s drive-in during the heyday of drive-in theaters.

The History of the Drive-In Movie Theater

The continued attraction of viewing movies under the stars


Water Works

Taking up the family business, Philippe Cousteau campaigns to save our oceans and rivers

Bruce Willis donates John McClane's undershirt to the National Museum of American History, as museum director Brent Glass looks on.

Die Hard Donation

Bruce Willis gives John McClane's blood-smeared undershirt to the Smithsonian. Yippee-ki-yay...


DeLorean Tremens

Hold onto your flux capacitors, time machines have nearly arrived

Thomas Allen Harris with his family in the Bronx, NY (circa, 1977).

Interview with Thomas Allen Harris

Director of "Twelve Disciples of Nelson Mandela"


Al Gore Discusses "An Inconvenient Truth"

Environmentalist Al Gore talks about his new movie


35 Who Made a Difference: Steven Spielberg

A renowned director contemplates the lessons of history

35 Who Made a Difference: David Attenborough

The natural history filmmaker has brought serious science to a global audience

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