Lights! Camera! In Motion!

Introducing the video contest

Submit your video to In Motion for a chance to win our grand prize. (Photo by John Lund / Getty Images)

Here at Smithsonian we’re committed to bringing you the most amazing stories about topics you may have never even thought about before. With In Motion we hope that you will share an amazing story with us through video.

We’re looking for original videos that explore and document the world around us. Your video should fit into one of our five categories (nature, arts, travel, people and mobile) and be no longer than 10 minutes. What exactly are we looking for? Documentaries, time lapses, animation, split-screen and profiles are all acceptable. To get a better idea of the types of video you should submit, check out the videos that inspire us.

The deadline to submit your video is May 31, 2013, and there is no entry fee. Four esteemed judges will select the best of the best and on July 1, 2013, we will announce the finalists. We will also open up the voting for the Viewers’ Choice award. On July 15, 2013, the winners of the grand prize and Viewers’ Choice will be announced.

The grand prize winner will walk away with $2,000 and their video will be shown on Smithsonian Channel on Demand. Our Viewers’ Choice award winner will receive $1,000 and may be shown on Smithsonian Channel on Demand. The category winners will receive $200.

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