Anna May Wong in Tod Browning’s Drifting (1923), to be preserved by George Eastman House.

The Year Ahead in Archival Films

A guide to the movies being preserved now that will be available in future months

Al Pacino in Revolution

Where Are the Great Revolutionary War Films?

You'd think the 4th of July would inspire filmmakers to great works, but they have been unable to recreate the events that led to the founding of America


Five Movies That No One Will Ever Be Able to See

What are the best films that were never put to celluloid? We look back at the passion projects of famous directors that never got off the ground


Multiple Sidosis and Disneyland Dream: Two Amateur Masterpieces

Sid Laverents in Multiple Sidosis

Multiple Sidosis and Disneyland Dream: Two Amateur Masterpieces

Your chance to see two hard-to-find independent shorts

Lieutenant Elle Helmer, US Marine Corps, at the Vietnam War Memorial

Documenting Sexual Assault in The Invisible War

A new documentary gives voice to victims in the military and may be a key force behind a new initiative to put an end to the violence

Benjamin Walker as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Movie Mash-ups That Beat Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Mixing movie genres, from Abbott and Costello to SCTV

Dillon Freasier, left, and Daniel Day-Lewis as H.W. and Daniel Plainfield Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood.

Father’s Day Roundup of Six Dads You Want to Avoid

Here are some films that give parenthood a bad name

Merida in Brave

Five Women Animators Who Shook Up the Industry

From the silent days to the present, women have been a solid—if often unrecognized—force in animation

Neil Young

Musicians on the Road: Film vs. Reality

How Hollywood portrays musicians—rock, jazz and country—as they tour

John Wayne and Geraldine Page in Hondo

John Wayne’s Hondo Comes Out on Blu-ray

The Duke's daughter-in-law Gretchen Wayne talks about the restored version of one of his moodier Westerns

Photo by Jim McGuire for the Memories album

Finding Doc Watson on Film

Searching for folk music on movies can be surprisingly difficult

Joe Odagiri, Koki Maeda, Nene Ohtsuka, Ohshiro Maeda in I Wish, a Magnolia Pictures release

Beyond Kung Fu: 5 Movies From Asia to Catch

Will the recent purchase of AMC theaters by a Chinese billionaire mean more Asian films in theaters? Likely not, but here are some to watch in the meantime


A Restored Version of Let There Be Light Available Online

Here's your chance to see a haunting and long suppressed WWII documentary about PTSD


Summer Movie Forecast: More of the Same

Hollywood has always loved sequels, and judging from the box office viewers do too


Whitewash or Fair Use: Portraying Race on Film


For the Love of Film Blogathon III: The White Shadow and Streaming Restored Films Online

Casablanca streaming live on Facebook tonight and read about the opportunity to view a recently restored version of one of Alfred Hitchcock's first films


What to Watch This Mother's Day


What to Watch This Mother’s Day

From saints to sinners, some Mother's Day movies you may have overlooked


Hollywood Goes to China

From animation studios to movie stars to box office tallies, China has become the next frontier in film production

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