Is there real science behind 12 Monkeys?

Science on Screen: Explaining Why Zombies Want to Eat You and Other Mysteries of Life

A film series examines how movies make use of science

The famous chariot race form Ben-Hur before and after the restoration.

Restoring Ben-Hur: Catherine Wyler Reminisces About her Father’s Biggest Film

A million-dollar restoration will help introduce the Oscar-winning film to a new audience


Playing It Again: The Big Business of Re-Releases

The Lion King 3D has been surprising box office prognosticators.

Playing It Again: The Big Business of Re-Releases

How rereleases drove—and still drive—the film industry

Left to right: John C. Reilly, Jodie Foster, Christoph Waltz and Kate Winslet in Roman Polanski's adaptation of Yazmina Reza's Carnage.

From Toronto to New York: The Fall Film Festivals

The fall film festival lineup is filled with avant garde movies and Oscar contenders

The Indian-detour (1926)

Out Where the West Begins

A new boxed DVD set examines the history of the West in films

A poster for the musical Stormy Weather

Celebrating the Nicholas Brothers

A compilation tribute to the extraordinary dance team of Fayard and Harold Nicholas

Still from Fuji (1974)

Remembering Robert Breer and Donald Krim

Looking at the careers of an avant-garde animator and a crucial film distributor

Emil Jannings in Ernst Lubitsch's The Loves of Pharaoh

Lost and Found: HBO and Ernst Lubitsch

A periodic update of film preservation projects

George Veditz

Using Movies to Debate Sign Language

A 1913 film mirrors contemporary conflicts over how best to teach the deaf


A Trip to the Moon as You've Never Seen it Before

Frame enlargement from Le Voyage Dans La Lune/A Trip to the Moon

A Trip to the Moon as You’ve Never Seen it Before

One of the landmark films in cinema can now be seen in color

Squeak the Squirrel one of the many educational films available for free online

Where to Find Old Films Online, Streamed Legally and for Free

Thousands of fascinating films are available for free streaming and download, if you know where to look

Martin Luther King, Jr. delivering his famous speech

Screening “I Have a Dream”

It may be difficult to view the entire 17-minute speech online, but two films were made about the March on Washington that highlight that momentous day

From the upcoming Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory: (l to r) Bruce Sinofsky, Damien Echols and Joe Joe Berlinger

Paradise Lost’s Joe Berlinger on the Roots of his West Memphis Three Films

The director of the award-winning documentary reflects on what it was like to film a "real-life Salem Witch Trial"

It's tempting to find hints of Hitchcock's future style in the set design and lighting for The White Shadow.

Behind the Lost Hitchcock Film

Found in a New Zealand archive, the White Shadow offers a glimpse into early film history that extends beyond the famous director

Author Daniel Eagan

Your Ticket to Reel Culture

The blog where nothing's off limits, and nothing's sacred either. Today's classic may have been yesterday's bomb

In 1963, author Ken Kesey came up with the idea of leading a cross-country bus trip from California to New York.

Ken Kesey’s Pranksters Take to the Big Screen

It took an Oscar-winning director to make sense of the drug-addled footage shot by the author and his Merry Pranksters

Perhaps the most exciting discovery at this year's Orphan Film Symposium was With the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in Spain, by photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Orphan Films - Recapturing Lost Snippets of History

Buffs gather from around the world to watch newly uncovered films by the likes of Orson Welles, Henri Cartier-Bresson and others

The Beach Boys were arguably the most popular rock group in the country with five separate albums simultaneously on the charts in 1964.

The Rock Concert That Captured an Era

Featuring acts such as the Beach Boys, James Brown and the Rolling Stones, The T.A.M.I. Show defined popular music for a generation

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