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Water throwing on Vardavar is a holiday unique to Armenia.

The Point of Armenia's Splashy Holiday Is Getting Wet

The ancient tradition of Vardavar attracts tourists to Armenia, but bring a change of clothes

Bringing the American public together with folk and traditional artists to share their creativity—and their lives—starts the conversation.

Here’s How to Have a More Meaningful Experience at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival

Director Michael Atwood Mason reflects on the transformative powers of cultural exchange

Ruins of Emporium

Explore the Ancient Ruins of Empúries

This ancient coastal city on Spain's Costa Brava was founded by Greek traders

The 20 Best Small Towns to Visit in 2018

From Oregon Trail stops to Mister Rogers' original neighborhood, these towns are worth seeing this year

You’ll Never Guess What State Has 2018's Top Wine Destination

Your Next Favorite European Wine Region Isn’t in France, Italy or Spain

The wine in this country is so good, they don’t want to export it — keeping 98% for themselves

The Clown Egg Registry contains dozens of eggs and is a way to ensure that the likeness of no two clowns are identical.

How Do You Copyright a Clown Face? Paint It On an Egg

Since the 1940s, eggs have been the canvas of choice for registering performers' unique makeup designs

Trails include scenic bridges and tunnels.

How to See Taiwan in Five Days

From innovative restaurants in Taipei to lush mountain gorges in Hualien and historic architecture in Tainan, the island holds something for every traveler

Your Summer Vacation Is a Carbon Emissions Nightmare

A new study of tourism supply chains shows that all those flights, zip-line tours and foie gras produce 8 percent of global carbon emissions



Historic Qinbi village

Discover Taiwan's Offshore Islands

Just a short ferry ride from Taiwan are a myriad of eclectic and jaw-droppingly scenic offshore islands ripe for exploring

How the UAE Became the Center for Art in the Middle East


Step Inside the Louvre Abu Dhabi

Formerly an arcade and office building, dating to 1917, the structure underwent a city-led restoration and reopened last year as the Hotel Manzana Kempinski.

The Man Who Saved Havana

As its greatest old buildings were falling down, a fearless historian named Eusebio Leal remade the city into a stunning world destination

Open Heritage shows Bagan, an ancient city in Myanmar, before and after the 2016 earthquake.

Check Out the World’s Largest Archive Digitally Preserving At-Risk Heritage Sites

Open Heritage features 27 sites in 18 countries with more locations to be added in the future

DropReg, President of the East Bay Chevs group, in his ride during a video shoot in downtown Oakland.

New Exhibition in Oakland Traces the History of Hip-Hop

“RESPECT: Hip-Hop Style & Wisdom” celebrates the 45th anniversary of hip-hop culture

De Letters van Utrecht is a street poem that will continue indefinitely.

A Never-Ending Poem Grows in the Netherlands

De Letters van Utrecht is carved into the city streets and will continue indefinitely

Byaku Gunjo

Peek into the Colorful History of the World's Largest Pigment Collection

<i>An Atlas of Rare & Familiar Colour</i> combs through the rainbow that makes up the Forbes Pigment Collection

Cimarron, Kansas

Daydream About Summer With These Color-Drenched Photos of the Great American Fair

Photographer Pamela Littky set off across the United States to discover why these timeless summer festivals have such staying power

Made of fermented vegetables, kimchi was popularized globally during the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, South Korea.

How the 1988 Olympics Helped Spark a Global Kimchi Craze

The Summer Games in Seoul introduced a new international audience to the delicious and stinky staple

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