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Today Santiago de Cuba, which lies at the foot of the Sierra Maestra, is a bustling cultural capital.

Tony Perrottet's Cuba

Read <i>Smithsonian</i> contributor Tony Perrottet's coverage of the Caribbean island

Ernesto Guevara cruises by an image of his father on a building in Havana's Plaza of the Revolution, one of the larges public squares in the world.

Roaring Through Cuba With Che Guevara's Son

What's Ernesto Guevara, son of the world's most recognizable revolutionary, doing on a Harley Davidson? Leading a whirlwind tour around his native island


Zagreb: A City for Every Season

From theatrical performances and outdoor concerts to museum exhibitions and vibrant holiday markets, Zagreb is a stage for unforgettable experiences


10 Must-See Museums and Galleries in Zagreb

Experience everything from the quirky and nostalgic, to the classic and stunning in Zagrebs many museums, galleries, and performance spaces

Peterhof Palace.

From Nazi Prisons to Cat Sanctuaries, Explore the Many Lives of These Russian Palaces

Follow the footsteps of doomed royals and revolutionaries through these architectural marvels

10 Can't-Miss Museums and Historic Districts Across Taiwan

Discover something for every cultural traveler.

Hansel Mieth, photograph from “International Ladies’ Garment Workers: How a Great Union Works Inside and Out"

‘Life’ Magazine’s Earliest Women Photojournalists Step Into Spotlight

A new exhibition highlights images by Margaret Bourke-White, Marie Hansen, Martha Holmes, Lisa Larsen, Nina Leen and Hansel Mieth

Canadian Memorial at Vimy, France

Explore These World War I Trenches and Tunnels in France and Belgium

These four sites give visitors a glimpse into the trench warfare tactics soldiers experienced during the Great War

The Museum of the Moon is just one of many events taking place across the United States celebrating the 50th anniversary of landing on the moon.

A Cross-Country Guide to Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

It's been half a century since humankind touched down on the surface of the moon, and we're not done praising the feat

Archaeologists, Tour Operators, Locals Raise Alarm Over International Airport at Machu Picchu

They are petitioning the government to reconsider the project, which is planned to be completed by 2023

Floral displays on show at Keukenhof Gardens

Rivers of Flowers Burst Into Bloom in Holland

Keukenhof Garden displays millions of brightly colored spring bulbs

Stonehenge Pig Roasts Drew People From All Over Neolithic Britain

Isotopic analysis of pig bones in feasting sites near the monument show people were traveling as far as Scotland with their own pigs

Whose blend is the best?

The Story Behind Bermuda’s Rum Swizzle (Recipe)

While the Dark ‘n’ Stormy may get all the attention by visitors, the swizzle is what locals drink


Six Ways to Experience Bermuda's Swirling Cultures

Bermuda’s myriad of cultural influences is reflected in everything from historic buildings to food.


Discover Bermuda's Historic Railway Trail

Today, Bermuda’s historic rails-to-trails route is one of the best ways to experience Bermuda's otherworldly nature.


Eight Reasons to Discover North Dakota

Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers' Is No Longer Cleared for Takeoff

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam's version has been deemed too fragile to travel

A restored oyster cottage, the Frances Jones House on Daufuskie Island is available as a vacation rental.

Eight Reasons Why You Should Travel to the Lowcountry This Fall

More Than 9 Lives: Preserved Against Odds, the Key Marco Cat Is Returning to Marco Island

Salvador Dalí with his pet ocelot, Babou, and cane. 1965.

Travel Through the Landscapes That Inspired Salvador Dalí

Three destinations in northeastern Spain offer a unique glimpse into the life of the famous surrealist

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