Elon Musk is a man of all trades when it comes to technology.

Elon Musk, the Rocket Man With a Sweet Ride

The winner of the Smithsonian Ingenuity Award for technology hopes to launch a revolution with his spaceship and electric car

People in a space colony of the future

A New Great Depression and Ladies on the Moon: 1970s Middle School Kids Look to the Year 2000

The ideal future according to a ten-year-old: shorter school days, lower taxes, and lots and lots of robots


Recapping ‘The Jetsons’: Episode 03 – The Space Car

The Jetsons didn't invent the flying car, but it sure did a lot to cement the idea of the airborne automobile into the American imagination


Recapping “The Jetsons”: Episode 02 – A Date With Jet Screamer

The Jetson family's descent into sex, drugs and rock & roll

A Smith electric delivery van (such as this one in New York City) can reduce emissions by 85 percent, compared with diesel power.

Forget the Volt, Make Way for Electric Trucks

Smith trucks are powered by batteries, not diesel, which could make a big difference in the fight against climate change

The Jetsons title slate from 1962

50 Years of the Jetsons: Why The Show Still Matters

Although it was on the air for only one season, The Jetsons remains our most popular point of reference when discussing the future.


Yesterday’s Tomorrows: How a Smithsonian Exhibit I Never Saw Changed My Life

Meet the historians who pioneered scholarship of retro-futurism

HondaLink brings connected cars into the mainstream.

Cars With Benefits

Soon new cars will have Internet access so carmakers are developing ways to reduce distractions. Like turning on the radio with the wink of an eye

Foldable cars are in our future.

How We Travel: 10 Fresh Ideas

It may seem like getting around is the same old grind every day. But take heart. There's a lot of original thinking going on about how we go places

1954 Aerocar listed for sale by Greg Herrick in Minneapolis

1954 Flying Car for Sale

A bargain for just $1.25 million. But, you'll need both aviation and auto insurance

The automobile of 1973 as imagined in 1923 on the cover of Science and Invention magazine

1923 Envisions the Two-Wheeled Flying Car of 1973

As cars got larger in the 1920s, the "Helicar" was presented as the solution to congested city streets

Thomas Scott Baldwin's airship at the St. Louis Exposition

Don’t Let Your Money Fly Away: A 1909 Warning to Airship Investors

Flying aboard aircraft? Just a passing fad

Four-person helicopter of the future (1944)

Big Things Ahead… But Keep Your Shirt On

Americans in the 1940s had wondrous expectations about the post-war world. Meet one author who advised them to curb their enthusiasm

1966-67 AAA map of New York

Maps of the Future

A 1989 prediction about portable GPS devices was right on the money

Flying ambulance of the future (1927)

The Flying Ambulance of Tomorrow

In the 1920s, a French inventor devised an ingenious way to provide emergency medical assistance

Upon the release of the Bangle-era BMW Z4 Coupe in 2006, Business Week observed that it seems to be moving "even when standing still."

How Futurist Art Inspired the Design of a BMW

The Italian art movement that celebrated modernity still moves us 100 years later

A crowd of 250,000 jammed Times Square to see the start of the race.

Paris or Bust: The Great New York-to-Paris Auto Race of 1908

Even before there were roads, there were men who wanted to drive fast

The solar powered house of the future from 1959

The World Will Be Wonderful In The Year 2000!

The secret formula for predicting a fantastical yet credible future

The Ford Focus Electric will be hitting the markets later this year

Will High Gas Prices Jolt Electric Cars?

This is the year we should find out if plug-in cars are for real. And it doesn't hurt when gas goes over $4 a gallon

An inventor from Philadelphia using his "wireless telephone" technology in 1920

The World’s First “Carphone”

Meet the 1920 radio enthusiast who had the foresight to invent the annoying habit of talking on the phone while in the car

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