Salvatore Scarpitta’s Sal Cragar, 1969.

When A Race Car Becomes a Work of Art

Salvatore Scarpitta’s automative wonder goes on view at the Hirshhorn

Raw tomato pomace begins Ford's process.

Making Car Parts From Tomatoes

Ford and Heinz want to replace barrels of petroleum used in manufacturing with buckets of tomato skins


Missouri Wants to Use Military-Grade Sound Cannons to Slow Drivers Down

The LRAD sound cannon has been used to subdue protests, deter pirates and, now, slow down speeding drivers.

The Beautiful, Streamlined Cars That Set the World’s First Land Speed Records

One hundred years ago, the Bonneville Salt Flats became a racing paradise

Americans Are Using Transit More Than Any Time in Nearly 60 Years

Transit use seems to be up across the board

Traditional Space Saver in Boston

Cities Across the Country Say: End Savesies on Snow Days

Car owners save shoveled parking spaces with weird household items, and officials say it's got to stop

Hamburg Plans to Become Car-Free By 2034

But should there really be zero cars?

Sri Lanka's First Expressway Is Making the Country Feel Tiny

The E01 gives this island nation its first taste of the open road

The Tabby can be customized using different blueprints downloadable online.

This Car Can Be Assembled In Less Than An Hour

The team behind the OSVehicle project has developed an open-source vehicle that's easy to build and fully customizable

Drivers Are Doing Something Besides Driving Ten Percent of the Time

Simply talking on a cellphone, however, did not increase the risk of an accident or near accident for drivers - so long as their eyes stayed on the road

London's Looking at Building Bike Lanes in the Sky

The dedicated bike lanes could improve some commuter's trips by nearly 30 minutes

Comprised of more than 500,000 Lego pieces, this yellow-and-black hot rod can be driven at speeds of up to 17 mph.

Watch This Air-Powered Lego Car Cruise Down A Street

A Lego-maniac builds a life-sized working car made from more than 500,000 plastic toy pieces

Automatic is designed to collect and relay vitals such as the distance, duration and fuel costs for each trip.

This Device Can Save You Money On Gas (And Maybe Even Your Life)

The Automatic Smart Driving Assistant is designed to warn drivers when they accelerate too quickly and make other fuel-costly choices

An early Pullman sleeping car

Traveling in Style and Comfort: The Pullman Sleeping Car

The 19th century's definition of luxury came as a train car designed by a Chicago carpenter

Drivers Are More Likely to Brake at Yellow Lights If They've Just Seen a Depressing Billboard

After seeing positive or neutral ads before a yellow light, drivers were more likely to run it. But after negative ads, they were more likely to break

The BladeGlider: Nissan’s Concept Car Looks Like a Jet Fighter

The Japanese automaker is working to bring to market a car that actually resembles an aircraft, with its unique aerodynamic styling

Toyota’s New Concept Car Takes the Driver’s Movements and Emotions Into Consideration

Toyota's FV2 is engineered to make cars "Fun to Drive, Again." But it might be too far out to ever become a reality

Saul Griffith’s latest venture, Otherlab, is a research company reminiscent of the “invention factory” created by Thomas Edison.

Saul Griffith’s Fascinating Ideas About the Future of Energy

Intestine-like natural gas tanks and a solar technology based on air and plastic are two projects in the works at Griffith’s Otherlab

A New Car Proves It Can Fly (Barely)

A video demonstration by the Aeromobil may have you thinking it's best to stay grounded for now


Las Vegas Gambles on a Future With Car Sharing for Everyone

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh is investing $350 million in an ambitious redevelopment plan that includes a new model for getting around Sin City

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