Upon the release of the Bangle-era BMW Z4 Coupe in 2006, Business Week observed that it seems to be moving "even when standing still."

How Futurist Art Inspired the Design of a BMW

The Italian art movement that celebrated modernity still moves us 100 years later

A crowd of 250,000 jammed Times Square to see the start of the race.

Paris or Bust: The Great New York-to-Paris Auto Race of 1908

Even before there were roads, there were men who wanted to drive fast

The solar powered house of the future from 1959

The World Will Be Wonderful In The Year 2000!

The secret formula for predicting a fantastical yet credible future

The Ford Focus Electric will be hitting the markets later this year

Will High Gas Prices Jolt Electric Cars?

This is the year we should find out if plug-in cars are for real. And it doesn't hurt when gas goes over $4 a gallon

An inventor from Philadelphia using his "wireless telephone" technology in 1920

The World’s First “Carphone”

Meet the 1920 radio enthusiast who had the foresight to invent the annoying habit of talking on the phone while in the car

Everyday Science and Mechanics (February, 1936)

Mobsters Tremble Before the Crime-Fighting, Red Flying Gondola

Science-fiction pioneer Hugo Gernsback predicted that, as long as police officers were stuck on terra firma, criminals always would have the edge

"Highways by Automation" by Arthur Radebuagh

Giant Automatic Highway Builders of the Future

Radebaugh's vision of a road-creating machine may not have been a figment of just his imagination- a Disney-produced television program had a similar idea

"Car of the future" sketch from Ford

1955 Imagines Travel in 1965

The Ford Motor Company envisioned a Batmobile in every garage.

The Chevy Spark

Seven Reasons to Believe Electric Cars Are Getting in Gear

They're not ready for prime time, but electric cars are starting to pick up speed

Life in a bubble: Westinghouse advertisement

Today at War, Tomorrow in Stores

Advertisers in the 1940s promised American consumers that they would be rewarded for their wartime sacrifices on the homefront

"Airships may give us a birds eye view of the city."

The Boston Globe of 1900 Imagines the Year 2000

A utopian vision of Boston promises no slums, no traffic jams, no late mail deliveries and, best of all, night baseball games

Park(ing) Day is an annual tradition of turning parking spaces into actual parks that will be held this year on Friday, Sept. 16th.

Park(ing) Day’s Roadside Attraction

The founders of Park(ing) Day discuss the birth of their idea and how it became a global phenomenom

Smithsonian's 1955 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon

The List: Smithsonian Takes a Road Trip

We've combed through the Smithsonian Institution's collections to find the best vacation artifacts, from before the automobile to the interstate era

A pothole is the gateway drug to civic engagement

A Fine Fix or, All You Need Is Gov?

To start rebuilding our faith in government, we need to go local. And our smart phones will help us

Google founders Eric Schmidt, Sergey Brin and Larry Page in their company's driverless car

Google Hits the Road


Life Without Left Turns

Shai Agassi, at a corporate facility outside Tel Aviv, founded a company whose name reflects his determination to improve the world.

Charging Ahead With a New Electric Car

An entrepreneur hits the road with a new approach for an all-electric car that overcomes its biggest shortcoming

Fleeing the clogged freeways of Los Angeles, Paul Theroux set forth into an America both lonelier and lovelier than the one he expected to find.

Taking the Great American Roadtrip

In the spirit of Kerouac and Steinbeck, the celebrated travel writer fulfills a childhood fantasy: to drive across his native land

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream by Hunter S. Thompson is considered by many to be the quintessential drug-induced book of the 1970s.

Great Road Trips in American Literature

From Twain to Kerouac to Bryson, writers have found inspiration in hitting the road and traveling the United States

Ramsey's trip across the United States took 59 days to complete and covered 3,800 miles.

Alice Ramsey's Historic Cross-Country Drive

In 1909, 22-year-old Alice Ramsey made history as the first woman to drive across the United States

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