Volvo introduced the three-point seat belt 50 years ago.

Buckle Up Your Seatbelt and Behave

Do we take more risks when we feel safe? Fifty years after we began using the three-point seatbelt, there's a new answer

Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us) by Tom Vanderbilt examines traffic science and psychology

The Truth About Traffic

Author Tom Vanderbilt Shows Why Cars and People Don’t Mix


Driving Miss Lazy

The race is on for cars that drive themselves

Although owners prized their EV1s, the manufacturer did not relent.

The Death of the EV-1

Fans of a battery-powered emissions free sedan mourn its passing


Viva Vintage

As Fidel looks the other way, classic capitalist cars brighten Cuba's dreary streets and byways


Hell on Wheels


We're in a Jam

Easing the nation's growing traffic congestion has experts all backed up


This is My Grandfather's Oldsmobile


The Backseat Driver That Sits In Front


Wow! A Mile a Minute!

But 60 mph was a breeze to Barney Oldfield, better known as the "speed king" of the horseless carriage world


Smile! (Click) It's the Camera Van


This Is Not Your Father's Automobile

When Enzo Ferrari began his company 50 years ago, his cars were works of art. Today, they're collector's items

Art car festival in San Francisco

Designing Your Own Set of Wheels

Sporting faux fur to gold to the front lawn, old clunkers are getting decked out as art cars the ultimate vehicles of self-expression


Crash Dummies, Taking the Hard Knocks For All of Us

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