John Wesley Powell by Edmund Clarence Messer, 1889

The Visionary John Wesley Powell Had a Plan for Developing the West, But Nobody Listened

Powell’s foresight might have prevented the 1930s dust bowl and perhaps, today’s water scarcities


The Miracle of the Reef

Coral spawn only once a year, and at night; how they manage to synchronize remains a mystery

Italian primatologist Andrea Camperio Ciani says macaques are "scapegoats" for other thigns that are damaging the forest: cutting; overgrazing; and charcoal production.

Monkey in the Middle

Blamed for destroying one of North Africa's most important forests, Morocco's Barbary macaques struggle to survive


Top Dogs

The Polar Inuit's bond with the sled dog remains intact, thanks to a ban on snowmobiles. But the lure of technology threatens these "magnificent animals"

Enormous gypsum crystals in a Naica cavern

Crystal Moonbeams

A pair of Mexican miners stumble upon a room filled with what could be the world's largest crystals

The sulfuric lake of Kawah Ijen Mountain's cauldron, Indonesia

Fire and Brimstone

A long-outdated approach to sulfur mining sends hundreds of Javanese workers deep into the crater of an active volcano


Viva Vintage

As Fidel looks the other way, classic capitalist cars brighten Cuba's dreary streets and byways


Suiting Up for the Honey Wars

Grand Gallery of Evolution in the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, France

Feeling Crabby?

The vaults of the Natural History Museum in Paris contain a menagerie of curious crustaceans


People of the Reindeer

Khanty reindeer herders of northwestern Siberia have fought cold weather and foreign incursions for centuries, but these people may not weather the storm


Farewell, Bright Soul


Mountains of Pain

For centuries the silver-rich Bolivian Andes have produced astonishing wealth —and an equal measure of human hardship


Wanted: Big Men


People in Glass Houses...


Petal Power

Chartres Cathedral

Beasts on High


IMAX Takes Us Undersea in the Galapagos

Filmmakers shooting a new 3-D IMAX movie discover tragedy and technical challenges amid moments of breathtaking beauty


IMAX Takes Us Undersea in the Galápagos

Filmmakers shooting a new 3-D IMAX movie discover tragedy and technical challenges amid moments of breathtaking beauty

Nicolaus Copernicus

Discovering the Odds

Over the centuries, visionary mathematicians laid the foundation for how we view life's gambles


Picturing Pocahontas

An image at the National Portrait Gallery may be the truest account we have of the Indian princess

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