John Howard Griffin, left in New Orleans in 1959, asked what "adjustments" a white man would have to make if he were black.

Black Like Me, 50 Years Later

John Howard Griffin gave readers an unflinching view of the Jim Crow South. How has his book held up?


World's Unlikeliest Bestseller

Fifty years ago a brewer's bet spawned a compelling compendium of feats, stunts and trivia


The Mad Potter of Biloxi

George E. Ohr's wild, wonderful pots gathered dust in a garage for half a century. Now architect Frank Gehry is designing a museum dedicated to the artist

Photo of James Rosenquist


Pop artist James Rosenquist returns to the limelight with a dazzling retrospective of his larger-than-life works

Working rapidly in the West, Catlin focused on faces (as in a 1832 portrait of Pawnee warrior La-dà³o-ke-a) and filled in details later.

George Catlin's Obsession

An exhibition at the Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.C. asks: Did his work exploit or advance the American Indian?

Alessandro Zampedri, driving a 1935 Aston Martin MK II, shares the 2001 finish with his 2-year-old daughter, Francesca. Copilot Burkhardt Nachtigall handled navigation.

A Rally to Remember

Even at lollygagging speeds, Italy's Mille Miglia road show stirs nostalgic hearts


Rising Sun

Opening this month on Alexandria's Mediterranean waterfront, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina reflects the spirit of its ancient forebear

Alexander Mitchell Palmer


When bombs terrorized America, the Attorney General launched the "Palmer Raids"


The Island of Lost Maps: A True Story of Cartographic Crime

The Island of Lost Maps: A True Story of Cartographic Crime


Tarzan the Eternal

From the restless imagination of Edgar Rice Burroughs sprang the most timeless of screen characters


The Dogs of War

There's a special quality in some dogs —call it loyalty, heroism or just plain courage— that comes alive under fire


What's Wrong with This Picture?

Hint: It's Real


The Judge Who Ruled Baseball

For nearly 25 years, Kenesaw Mountain Landis imposed his iron will on every facet of the game


Welcome to Jungle Jim's

You don't just shop at this international food mart in deepest Ohio—you go on safari

The Real Wild West: The 101 Ranch and the Creation of the American West

Book Reviews: The Real Wild West: The 101 Ranch and the Creation of the American West

Basset Hound puppy

Every Dog Wants to Have Its Day in Court


The Amazing Author of Oz

Evergreen at 100 years old, L. Frank Baum's fable of Dorothy and the wonderful wizard keeps his memory alive with movie fans and readers the world over

Adult tricycle

Bound for Glory

Or maybe not. America's most grueling adult tricycle competition is tough on riders and equipment alike


Squaring the Circle Is No Piece of Pi

Mathematicians have sliced, and now supercomputers have crunched, but the mystery of pi goes on and on and...


A Unique Home for Cutting-edge Art

MASS MoCA, the nation's newest and largest center for the contemporary arts, has brought a blue-collar New England town back to the future

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