An example of a pot used by the ancient Maya

What We Know About the Earliest History of Chocolate

We’ve learned things that could help today’s artisan chocolatiers improve their trade

The Remnants of Prehistoric Plant Pollen Reveal that Humans Shaped Forests 11,000 Years Ago

The discoveries could boost indigenous populations' claims to ancestral lands long thought to be untouched by human activity

Saul Griffith’s latest venture, Otherlab, is a research company reminiscent of the “invention factory” created by Thomas Edison.

Saul Griffith’s Fascinating Ideas About the Future of Energy

Intestine-like natural gas tanks and a solar technology based on air and plastic are two projects in the works at Griffith’s Otherlab

Interactive map courtesy of Esri. Text by Josie Garthwaite.

Interactive: Mapping the Shale Gas Boom

Where in the United States is fracking unlocking natural gas from shale rock?

Introducing a Special Report on Energy Innovation

Take a look at what is being done to wean the world off of fossil fuels

The road to better gas mileage isn't as difficult as it seems

Good-bye, Gas Guzzlers

What will it take for automakers to deliver a fleet of fuel-sippers?

What will happen to nuclear energy in the 21st century?

The Unclear Fate of Nuclear Power

Two years after the accident at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi, can the nuclear renaissance regain its momentum?

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