London’s Looking at Building Bike Lanes in the Sky

The dedicated bike lanes could improve some commuter’s trips by nearly 30 minutes

bike lane in the sky
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In London, from 2006 to 2011, biking deaths increased by 50 percent, according to the BBC. So the city is looking at a plan to give residents and visitors safer rides—with a view.

A project called SkyCycle would install ten bike lanes above existing train lines, covering more than 130 miles criss-crossing London. The car-free SkyCycle lanes would serve two-wheeled, pedaling commuters, removing the possibility of accidents involving cars and bikes. Planners estimate around 12,000 people could use each of the 10 routes each hour, the BBC says, which they would access from around 200 ramps situated throughout the city. The plan, which officials say most likely wouldn't be complete until 2034 or so, would cost about $330 million—but, in addition to keeping cyclists safe, the dedicated bike lanes could improve some commuter's trips by nearly 30 minutes, the BBC reports.

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