The world’s quietest room registers a background sound of -24.9 dBA.

In the Earth’s Quietest Room, You Can Hear Yourself Blink

Background noise in the custom-built chamber is actually measured in negative decibels, which means it’s below the threshold of human hearing

Costumed kids hit the streets each year in search of candy.

The History of Trick-or-Treating Goes Back Centuries

From the ancient Celts to medieval English, the Halloween tradition precedes the costumed children who will soon swarm your block

Give that building a laser!

Future Buildings Could Use Lasers to Fight Off Lightning

Shooting a laser beam in the path of lightning could help divert it from the building

The American Dream Doesn’t Mean the Same Thing to White People And Minorities

While many see the American Dream including a home, not everybody thinks about that home the same way

Ice-Age Bees Uncovered at the La Brea Tar Pits

The samples were actually excavated back in 1970, but were set aside because there wasn't a way to analyze them at the time

This is not the 101 year old message in a bottle.

Message in a Bottle, Found in the Baltic Sea, Is 100 Years Old

While this new Baltic bottle will probably take the prize for oldest verified message in a bottle, it's probably not actually the oldest

Almost 2 Million People Ran a U.S. Half Marathon Last Year—And Most of Them Were Women

Fitness trendsters, take note: it’s about time you go run 13.1 miles

Email time.

French Workers Don't Have It As Easy As Brits Want to Believe

New rules allow some workers time off, but don't demand anybody turn off their phones when they go home

Men riding on the back of a car, 1940.

110 Years Ago, Times Square Got Its Name: Celebrate by Browsing Old Photos of NYC

Thanks to a new release of images from the New York City Municipal Archives, you can see what the city looked like before it was consumed by neon

Horses Can Do Yoga

"The method is to tame the horse according to its nature , avoiding cause fear and pain, and by earning their trust and loyalty"

Lawyers Who Make Less Money And Get Worse Grades Are the Happiest

Money can't buy you happiness, even if you're a lawyer

This Winter Was Hard on Animals, Too

As tough as it was on humans, it may have been even harder on the animals who don’t get to curl up in front of the fire

Microsoft Is Killing XP, But 75 Percent of ATMs Still Use It

420,000 ATMs are about to become easy targets for hackers

Nearly Half of Americans Believe At Least One Conspiracy Theory

William S. Burroughs once said, “Sometimes paranoia’s just having all the facts.”

An Effort to Crack Down on Fake Yelp Reviews Goes to Supreme Court

About 20 percent of reviews on Yelp might be fraudulent. But should Yelp have to disclose the identities of its reviewers?

Combat Juggling Is Your New Favorite Sport, Now That You Know It Exists

The premise of combat juggling is pretty simple: juggle three items, and try to get your opponent to drop his three

Parties, work, and honeymoons, all on a bike.

People Use Bike Shares to Get to Work And Parties

Now is probably a good time to say that biking while drunk is never a good idea

Here’s How Neuroscientists in the 1800s Studied Blood Flow in the Brain

New translations of early neuroscience reveal how in 1882 one Italian physiologist was able to measure blood flow changes in the brain

The Shroud of Turin's image is more consistent with this idea of crucifixion.

Some Visions of the Crucifixion Aren't T-Shaped

Jesus and others who were crucified didn’t necessarily die with their arms pinned straight out, the way we often imagine them

The Majority of Web Traffic Comes From Robots

While humans may be very good at surfing the internet, this is yet another thing that robots do better

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