Daiquiri mixing machines at Wet Willie's.

The Surprising History of Making Alcohol a Powdered Substance

A startup is seeking approval to sell alcohol in tiny inconspicuous packets. But the science is decades old

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center will soon replace the blood of trauma patients with cold saline solution to slow down the cell's metabolism to where there's no signs of brain activity, nor pulse.

This Radical Treatment Pushes Victims to the Brink of Death in Order to Save Their Lives

Researchers are putting trauma patients in a state between life and death with a technique known in movies as "suspended animation"

The Ooho edible water bottle can't be closed, but is biodegrade.

Here's A Water Bottle You Can Actually Eat

A simple culinary technique may go a long way toward ridding the world of excess plastic waste.

The Honda smart home's energy efficient interior features a passive heating and cooling design and an LED lighting system that adapts to the body's natural circadian rhythm.

Checking The Claim: A House That Produces More Energy Than It Consumes

Forget carbon-neutral—Honda and the University of California have built a house that claims to give energy back

These inflatable wind turbines are capable of delivering two to tree times the amount of energy produced by conventional towers, a Boston-based startup says. The turbines will be part of a pilot that will power a dozen homes in Alaska.

Massive Flying Wind Turbine Could Offer A New Path To Clean Energy

A Boston-based startup is piloting its invention in Alaska, but could soon bring alternative energy to the masses.

Israeli-based research firm StoreDot is looking to revolutionize batteries with a system that uses tiny nanodot crystals to quickly store energy.

This Battery Could Charge Your Smartphone In 30 Seconds

An Israeli startup has developed a bio-organic material that uses tiny nanodot crystals to quickly store energy.

Researchers say they've developed a system that allows them to use dolphins' own language to communicate with the animals.

Checking the Claim: A Device That Translates Dolphin Sounds Into English

Researchers used new technology to interpret a dolphin noise they say translates loosely to "seaweed"

Warka Water towers are designed to take advantage of condensation.

This Tower Pulls Drinking Water Out of Thin Air

Designer Arturo Vittori says his invention can provide remote villages with more than 25 gallons of clean drinking water per day

The GE + Quirky Aros air conditioner has the brains to keep you as comfortably cool as possible during summers while saving you money.

An Air Conditioner Automatically Starts Cooling While You're On The Way Home

With a host of automation features, the Aros air conditioner can help consumers save on utility costs and conserve energy

Adrian Sugar (seated second from left) and his surgical team during the facial rebuild operation at Morriston Hospital. The team reconstructed 29-year-old Stephen Power's face using models and implants from a 3D printer.

How 3D Printing Helped Repair This Man's Face

In a landmark procedure, surgeons used 3D printing techniques to restore a patient's facial likeness after a horrific injury

Steve Perlman hopes his invention, the pCell, will transform how we transmit data from our smartphones.

Checking The Claim: A Wireless Network That Streams A Thousand Times Faster?

As wireless data networks face more congestion, will entrepreneur Steve Perlman's latest idea be the ultimate fix?

An Arizona State University student's toothpaste tube prototype forces every last bit to come out by folding down like an accordion.

A Toothpaste Tube That Gets Every Last Bit Out

Tired of wasting leftover toothpaste, a student invents a new origami-inspired design that leaves nothing behind

WiTricity's “resonance inductive coupling" technology allows devices to receive energy wirelessly across long distances.

No Outlet, No Problem: This New Technology Could Power Your Gadgets Wirelessly

A startup says its innovative system can deliver power to devices up to 7 feet away

This Flashlight Is Powered by the Touch of Your Hand

A high school student has invented an LED device that uses body heat to light up

A venture capital firm plans to launch hundreds of miniature satellites—capable of beaming websites to the world's most remote areas for free—into space by 2015.

Could Mini Satellites Provide Free Internet to All?

A venture capital firm plans to make the World Wide Web available to anyone with a WiFi-enabled device

Altering activity in the gut has been shown to affect mood and behavior. Can it also improve learning?

Checking the Claim: Can Probiotics Make You Smarter?

A researcher says a certain strain of gut bacteria can enhance brain power—but some critics aren't sold

This "heart sock" is dotted with sensors that can detect the intricate inner workings of the heart.

This Wearable 'Heart Sock' May Someday Save Lives

Inventors say a new device can detect irregularities and even intervene before heart attacks turn deadly

Where do you want to go? The cargo-hauling Airlander can stay aloft for three weeks.

An Airship The Size of a Football Field Could Revolutionize Travel

A new fuel-efficient airship, capable of carrying up to 50 tons, can stay aloft for weeks and land just about anywhere

Elizabeth Holmes holds a vial of one drop of blood—all that's needed for a new method of simultaneously testing for a gamut of health threats, such as STDs, heart disease and diabetes.

How To Run 30 Health Tests On a Single Drop of Blood

Say goodbye to lengthy blood work. A new lab called Theranos says its method is faster, more accurate and much less painful

Prototypes of the winning design from the 2012 "Reinventing the Toilet Challenge" are now being tested in India.

Can This Toilet Save Millions of Lives?

A solar-powered toilet is the latest hope for the 2.5 billion people without access to clean water

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