Food History

The colorful components of feijoada.

How to Make Feijoada, Brazil's National Dish, Including a Recipe From Emeril Lagasse

The acclaimed chef talks about how to make the South American classic

Van Aken in the MIRA kitchen in the late 80s. MIRA is where New World Cuisine started entering the spotlight.

Why We Have Norman Van Aken to Thank for the Way We Dine Out Today

The James Beard Award winner tells us, and gives us recipes, about the early days of fusion food

Daiquiri mixing machines at Wet Willie's.

The Surprising History of Making Alcohol a Powdered Substance

A startup is seeking approval to sell alcohol in tiny inconspicuous packets. But the science is decades old

Bayou crawfish boil

Why Crawfish Are Louisiana's Culinary Gift to the Nation

What makes the crustacean a springtime treat, whether its in gumbo or an etouffee

"Hey Neil I found something!" - Buzz Aldrin, maybe.

The First Meal Eaten on the Moon Was Bacon

Bacon has a long history in the American space program

George Washington Liked Ice Cream So Much He Bought Ice Cream-Making Equipment for the Capital

Washington used to serve ice cream to guests at the capital

These Cheetos are not going bad any time soon don't worry.

“Sell By” And “Best By” Dates on Food Are Basically Made Up—But Hard to Get Rid Of

Where do these dates even come from, and why do we have them?

A veggie burger with a zucchini, feta, and pea patty.

The History of the Veggie Burger

Now mainstream, the hippie food changed vegetarian culture forever in 1982

A bottle of Guinness's Foreign Extra Stout.

How Guinness Became an African Favorite

The stout's success stems from a long history of colonial export and locally driven marketing campaigns

"All the raw materials are there for an incredible cuisine. It just never really had an opportunity to blossom."

This is the Perfect Meal to Cook for This St. Patrick's Day

Chef Cathal Armstrong talks to us about his debut cookbook and offers up recipes that show Ireland's evolving cuisine


The Oldest Cheese in the World Was Found on Chinese Mummies

A strange substance found on the neck and chest of mummies in China is the world's oldest cheese

The introduction of cows changed the diet of ancient Britons

6,000 Years Ago, the Trendiest Food in Ancient Britain Was Dairy

New research shows that ancient Britons started cooking with dairy soon after livestock was introduced to the isles

Chinese takeout boxes like this one set American-style Chinese restaurant Fortune Cookie apart from its Chinese counterparts

China Gets Its First American-Style Chinese Restaurant

Located in Shanghai, the American-style Chinese restaurant Fortune Cookie was founded by two Cornell graduates, Fung Lam and David Rossi

Chocolate Milk Was Invented in Jamaica

As with many things, the European who gets credit for inventing chocolate milk probably did not actually invent it

The Mesoamericans probably didn't have marshmallows, but we won't tell anybody if you add them.

Forget the Paleo Diet, Make Yourself Some Mesoamerican Hot Chocolate

Skip the contents of that deer stomach, or whatever other weird diet you’re on, and get yourself some cocoa beans

Just one bite of Pico de gallo is a party of flavors.

Why You Should Make Your Own Salsa (With Recipe Included)

This Super Bowl, throw away the jar and chop up some veggies

Kitty wants a snack.

That Time Cats Attacked a NYC Butcher Shop

Cats are clearly untrustworthy creatures. Everybody knows that. But lest you forget, here’s a historical horror story.

Researchers recreated what the 7,000 year-old man likely looked like.

Just Call This Hunter-Gatherer Ol' Blue-Eyes

DNA from an ancient human tooth found in a cave in Spain reveals one European hunter-gatherer's complexion

Pow!, the fourth Rice Krispies elf, as he appeared in a storyboard for an advertisement.

The Untold Tale of Pow!, the Fourth Rice Krispies Elf

A look into the era when the cereal mascots were more than just Snap!, Crackle! and Pop!

Whether or not there's a shortage of Velveeta, the processed cheese's history is long and complex.

There is No Shortage of History When it Comes to Velveeta

In the event of a full-blown Velveeta shortage, here's a little history to ease your pain

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