On the Job: Choreographer

Choreographer Lori Belilove pays homage to Isadora Duncan, the mother of contemporary dance

In 1851, Herman Melville completed his opus, Moby-Dick, in the shadow of Mount Greylock (the view from his study); some see the form of a white whale in the winter contours of the peak--"like a snow hill in the air," as Melville put it.

The Berkshires

The hills are alive with the sounds of Tanglewood plus modern dance, the art of Norman Rockwell and a tradition that goes back to Nathaniel Hawthorne


The Jitterbug Met R&B

And the shag, a stylish Southern dance, was born and reborn along the Carolina coast

Dancing on Air

With nylon ropes and steely nerves, Project Bandaloop performs high above the crowds


Ziggedy Bop! Tap Dance Is Back on Its Feet

It's been a mainstay of stage and screen; now after years in revival, a truly American art form returns full force, with energy and innovation


Farewell Do-si-do, Hello "Scoot and Counter...Percolate!"

In modern Western square dancing, you still see lots of petticoats and legs, but there are new calls, new steps and new rules


The Wolcott Children's Ballet: In the Backwoods, Dancing Their Hearts Out

It's a story grounded in a real labor of love — sore muscles, hand-stitched costumes, and dreams of grace and aspirations fulfilled

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