The Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge of New York City

A submission from the 2010 photo contest

Northern Michigan's rocky coast, shown here is a Presque Isle cove, has long beckoned as a summer playground. The picturesque region, wrote American naturalist Edwin Way Teale, is "a land of wonderful wilderness."

The Wonderful Wilderness of Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Immortalized by Longfellow, the Midwest's preferred vacation spot offers unspoiled forests, waterfalls and coastal villages

Renowned as an art colony, San Miguel also mounts festivals showcasing indigenous cultures.

Under the Spell of San Miguel de Allende

Ever since American Stirling Dickinson arrived there in 1937, the Mexican town has been a magnet for artists and U.S. expatriates

Route 100, studded with historic landmarks like the Scott Bridge, "offers such remarkable visual experiences," says filmmaker Dorothy Lovering.

Vermont's Venerable Byway

The state's Route 100 offers an unparalleled access to old New England, from wandering moose to Robert Frost's hideaway cabin

Handel House was reopened in 2001.  Shown here are musicians practicing on period instruments.

Handel Slept Here

The composer's early-Georgian town house reflects his life and times

George Frideric Handel (at age 64 in 1749) produced works, including Messiah that dazzled even the musical titans who would succeed him.

The Glorious History of Handel's Messiah

A musical rite of the holiday season, the Baroque-era oratorio still awes listeners more than 250 years after the composer's death

Mount Desert Island, where hikers trek and ponds beckon has long attracted visitors. “From our elevation,” wrote painter Frederic Church in 1850, “we had the whole of the seaward part of the island at our feet.”

Acadia Country

Anchored by the spectacular national park, the rugged, island-dotted coastal region of Maine distills the down east experience

This panoramic view of Prague was taken from one of three ballustraded balconies of the Lobkowicz Palace.

Americans in Prague

A second wave of expatriates is now playing a vital role in the renaissance of the Czech capital

In 1851, Herman Melville completed his opus, Moby-Dick, in the shadow of Mount Greylock (the view from his study); some see the form of a white whale in the winter contours of the peak--"like a snow hill in the air," as Melville put it.

The Berkshires

The hills are alive with the sounds of Tanglewood plus modern dance, the art of Norman Rockwell and a tradition that goes back to Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Finnish capital, facing the Baltic Sea (residents frequent the quay), enjoys a setting that has long enthralled visitors, including a Frenchman in 1838: "This town stretches over a vast peninsula...," he wrote, "the sea surrounds it on all sides."

Helsinki Warming

The city of Sibelius, known as a center for innovative technology and design, now stakes its claim as an urban hotspot

To the surprise of many, Pinochet's free-market reforms led to unprecedented prosperity and growth (Santiago, Chile's booming capital). With its thriving middle class and profitable exports, the nation today is poised to become Latin America's most economically robust.

Chile's Driving Force

Once imprisoned by Pinochet, the new Socialist president Michelle Bachelet wants to spread the wealth initiated by the dictator's economic policies

The roots of the women's suffrage movement can be located here: in Seneca Falls, the home of Elizabeth Cady Stanton (seated, with Susan B. Anthony) is a historic landmark. Of the right to vote, Stanton declared: "Have it we must."

How New York's Finger Lakes Inspired American Notables

New York's breathtaking Finger Lakes district has influenced historical figures from Mark Twain to Harriet Tubman

Central Market, built in 1895

Continental Crossroads

East greets West as Hungary's history-rich capital embraces the future

Mexicans entering the United States

Cross Purposes

Mexican immigrants are defying expectations in this country-and changing the landscape back home

In Barnstable, 6A skirts bayside wetlands (and a fishing shack). The East Coast's largest marsh covers 4,000 acres here.

A Road Less Traveled

Cape Cod's two-lane Route 6A offers a direct conduit to a New England of yesteryear


Adirondacks Style

At six million acres, New York's funky wilderness preserve, one of America's largest refuges, is also one of the most alluring. An aficionado explains why

Vancouver has the fastest-growing residential population of any downtown in North America.

Vaunted Vancouver

Set between the Pacific Ocean and a coastal mountain range, the British Columbia city may be the ultimate urban playground


Korea: A House Divided

Fifty years after the armistice, the two Koreas' legacy of conflict underlies a deepening crisis


Iraq's Unruly Century

Ever since Britain carved the nation out of the Ottoman Empire after World War I, the land long known as Mesopotamia has been wracked by instability

The condition of the main facade in 1979, showing absence of the main steps


The New York City courthouse that caused his downfall has been returned to its former glory, and Tweed's odious reputation has been refurbished

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