Farewell Do-si-do, Hello “Scoot and Counter…Percolate!”

In modern Western square dancing, you still see lots of petticoats and legs, but there are new calls, new steps and new rules

We all learned to square dance in gym class, didn't we?

Yes, but that was the "traditional" kind so be careful before heading out to scoot a boot these days. Most people now do "modern Western square dancing." The duds are haute fancy. The moves very tricky thousands of complicated steps and complex patterns. Then again these are fun-loving, friendly people and there's a lot of 'em; in this country alone 375,000 people belong to dancing clubs. And a whole planeload of dancers came from Japan last summer to the National Square Dance Convention in Birmingham, Alabama. You'd like to give it a try but hate leaving your pooch home alone? Not to worry. There's even a human-canine group called the Do Si Dogs.

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