The Atchafalaya Basin (dark green in this satellite image, with the Atchafalaya River running through its center) is almost a million acres of bottomland woods and swamp.

Saving Atchafalaya

A more than 70-year effort to "control" America's largest river basin swamp is threatening the Cajun culture that thrives on it


Hewed From History

In Charleston, South Carolina, shipwrights re-create a 19th-century schooner


Sherlock of Spuds

In a case that could reveal the villain behind the Irish Potato Famine, the gumshoe is a plant scientist


Poling on the River

Batteaux were once the lifeblood of Virginia commerce; now locals celebrate those bygone days

A desert tortoise (emerging from its den) may use the same burrow for many years.

Tunnel Vision

Arizona Naturalist Pinau Merlin celebrates life in the desert by keeping a close eye on it

Great Smoky Mountains

Bed and Breakfast

Most of the 256 shelters on the Appalachian trail are pretty rough. Then there's the Fontana Hilton


Preacher on the Go

Tiny Smith Island has three churches but only one pastor, who gets around by boat and Golf Cart


The Bone Collectors

A pair of biologists on Cumberland Island save the remains of dead sea critters for others to study


The Cypress Grill

At a seasonal herring shack in North Carolina, the house specialty evokes memories of an earlier era


The Jitterbug Met R&B

And the shag, a stylish Southern dance, was born and reborn along the Carolina coast

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