This Stunning Dragon Dance Was All for the Sake of Tea

Your next cup could be filled with New Year's luck

OK Go Shot Their Latest Music Video in Microgravity

Singing aboard the Vomit Comet

Watch 100 Drones Dance Their Way to a World Record

The swarm recently took to the skies to Beethoven's Fifth Symphony

The winning video featured hip hop dancers as farmers who put demands on the water supply

The Many Ways to "Dance Your Ph.D"

Once again, researchers get creative in a yearly dance competition to explain their Ph.D. thesis work

Will Catalan Elections Allow an Old Nation to Become a New State In Europe?

Catalonians have long asserted they are not part of Spain, now the historical question of independence is on the ballot

The Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company premiers its newest work, "We choose to go to the moon," at the Kennedy Center on September 19 and 20, 2015.

A Dancer and a Scientist Deliver a New Take on the Moon Walk

When modern dance collides with science and space history, the result can be a great leap forward

Revelers two-step at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

How Do You Dance to Jazz?

The attendees at this year's New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival taught our music writer a step or two

All Is Not Lost

At the Intersection of Dance and Portraiture, Vulnerability and Intimacy Prevail

Dance troupe Pilobolus and video portrait artist Bo Gehring teamed up to defy boundaries


As Part of a Museum Dance Off, National Museum of American History Breaks it Down

Twenty-eight museums around the world vie for the ultimate honor

This Is Next-Level Origami

From dancing cranes to protective structures, origami is popping up in science and tech

These Glass Sculptures Were Inspired By the New York City Ballet

The artist wanted to convey that "all of your memories are stuck inside your bone marrow" and make them visible

Hypnotize Yourself With a Record-Breaking Traditional Dance

This synchronized dance won a group of 5,211 Indian women a Guinness World Record

Segah, a male belly dancer, performs in a gaudy nightclub off Istanbul's Istiklal Street

Inside the World of Istanbul's Male Belly Dancers

The nation’s shifting views toward homosexuality have opened the market for a centuries-old tradition

Can’t Clap to the Beat? You Might be Beat-Deaf

For some people, tapping their foot to the beat is a challenge at a fundamental level

Family photographs collected from around the United States are featured in Beyond Bollywood. Here, Pandit Shankar Ghosh, Shrimati Sanjukta Ghosh, with Vikram (Boomba) Ghosh at Samuel P. Taylor State Park, Lagunitas, Calif., ca. 1970.

How Museums and the Arts are Presenting Identity So That It Unites, Not Divides

Curators and practioners of the arts share a renewed focus on how culture and heritage shape who we are as Americans

Maya Angelou by Ross Rossin, 2013.

Maya Angelou Was One of the Most Influential Voices of Our Time

Maya Angelou was poet, novelist, educator, producer, actress, filmmaker, dancer and civil rights activist

Meryl Davis and Charlie White of the U.S. perform during the ice dance free dance at the ISU World Figure Skating Championships in Nice, France, on March 29, 2012.

Why Reality TV May Bring Team USA Its First Gold in Ice Dancing

Amy Henderson, curator of the Smithsonian's "Dancing the Dream" exhibition, chronicles the meteoric rise of a dazzling sport once considered vulgar

Using interpretive dance, Cedric Tan, a biologist at the University of Oxford, explains his PhD thesis, "Sperm competition between brothers and female choice.

This is What Happens When You Ask Scientists to Explain Their PhDs in Dance

Watch this year's winners of the "Dance Your Ph.D" contest animate sperm competition, cell division and sleep deprivation


Breakdance Competitions Are Adding Fingerbreaking to Their Lineup

This is not a bad-cop interrogation method, but rather a newly recognized form of dance


Where the Hell Is Matt? Everywhere.

Meet Matt Harding, the man behind the viral video sensation, who has traveled the world, dancing like no one has before

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