These gendered designs have been the standard for hundreds of years.

Men's Shirts Button on the Right. Why Do Women's Button on the Left?

Nobody knows for sure, but plausible theories include swords, servants and saddles

An etching of Black families gathering the dead after the Colfax Massacre published in Harper's Weekly, May 10, 1873

The 1873 Colfax Massacre Set Back the Reconstruction Era

Occuring 150 years ago, one of the worst incidents of racial violence after the Civil War set the stage for segregation

 The Queen's Head, Yehliu Geological Park

Taiwan's Yehliu Geopark Is Like Disneyland for Rock Lovers

These mushroom-like mounds are some of the country's greatest geological treasures

The National Mall as seen in 2010

The National Park Service Warns Inauguration-Goers to Keep Off Its Lawn

The National Mall finally recovered from President Obama's first inauguration, and rangers want to keep it that way

"Container Trade Object"

New Exhibition Highlights Art Inspired by Standing Rock

Art as a lens to understand the protest

This Map Shows Over a Century of Documented Lynchings in the United States

Mapping the history of racial terror

A London Music Hall Hid a Long-Forgotten Storeroom Packed With Condiments

Construction workers uncovered the tasty trove while excavating its foundations

The First Non-Browning GMO Apples Slated to Hit Shelves Next Month

The new Arctic apples take weeks (rather than minutes) to turn brown

An artist's impression of the gas being stripped away from spiral galaxy NGC 4921

Dark Matter Could Be Destroying Distant Galaxies

The mysterious substance may suck gas from the galaxies—and a gasless galaxy is a dead galaxy

Apollo 17 mission commander Eugene Cernan inside the lunar module on the moon after his second moonwalk of the mission. His spacesuit is covered with lunar dust.

Eugene Cernan: The Last Man on the Moon and So Much More

His experience helped make spaceflight safer

This Altar Cloth Might Have Been Elizabeth I’s Skirt

It belonged to a parish church for centuries

The Saalfelden hermitage

Austrian Town Seeks Professional Hermit

The beautiful locale makes up for the spartan lifestyle expected of successful applicants

A special fish tank designed for experiments aboard the International Space Station.

Fish Don’t Do So Well in Space

The International Space Station’s resident fish shed light on life in microgravity

The Javan myna is critically endangered in its natural Indonesian habitat, but exploding populations in Singapore have made it a nuisance there.

How Escaped Exotic Pet Birds Could Help Save Threatened Species

Though usually seen as a threat to local populations, these escapees could also help in the recovery of creatures in trouble

A ruby seadragon, Phyllopteryx dewysea that washed up on the Point Culver cliffs in Western Australia.

Watch the First Footage of the Rare Ruby Seadragon Alive in the Wild

The sneaky critter has never been seen in its natural habitat before

Austin Is Looking for Its First Artist-in-Residence

Winning artists will be embeded in city agencies to help bring in new eyes to reconsider old problems

Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden with Guest Librarian Daliyah Marie Arana

A Four-Year-Old Bibliophile Is the Library of Congress' Latest Guest Librarian

Daliyah Maria Arana has read more than 1,000 books

A Physicist Figured Out the Best Way to Get Ketchup Out of the Bottle

Tapping the “57” has nothing to do with it

Turmeric May Be Tasty, But It’s Not a Cure-All

New study shoots down the trendy “remedy”

New Hubble Image Captures the Collision of Two Galaxies

A beautiful look at a violent event

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