Hypnotize Yourself With a Record-Breaking Traditional Dance

This synchronized dance won a group of 5,211 Indian women a Guinness World Record

Largest Kaikottikali dance - Guinness World Records

From Filipino prisoners to Americans trying to bring the dance from “Thriller” to every corner of the world, the internet has plenty of synchronized dance routines to make you gasp, smile or scratch your head. But it’s not every day you see a dance that’s a bona-fide record setter and mesmerizing to boot.

Neatorama tracked down video of a group of 5,211 women in Kerala, India, performing the Kaikottikali, a traditional circle dance that is also known as the “hand-clapping dance.” Performed during the Onam festival, the Kaikottikali features a group of women moving in a perfectly synchronized circle.

This month, the huge group of dancers snagged a Guinness World Record for the largest-ever performance of the folk dance. Their feat took eleven months to plan and was performed in front of a group of 55,000 presumably hypnotized onlookers.

But could the era of human synchronized dance soon be overshadowed by our robot overlords? Last month, a dance team of 100 programmable robots busted a move in Tokyo—and their three-minute routine was flaw-free.

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