The T-7 will replace the T-38, which is past its prime.

The Air Force’s New Training Aircraft Gets an Old and Honored Name

A nod to one of the most respected units in U.S. military history.

About to land on the Truman in the Persian Gulf during the carrier’s 2015 missions to strike ISIS, this C-2A Greyhound most likely returned to a base in Bahrain.

Delivery Service on an Aircraft Carrier

Farewell to the Grumman C-2 Greyhound, which has been running supplies at sea for more than 50 years.

Celebrating Airbus’s 50th

A formation flight for <i>l’anniversaire d’or</i>

The Flying Roc

Stratolaunch's big bird takes to the sky.

The SB-1 Defiant compound helicopter is due to make its first flight in 2019.

2019: What's Ahead in Aviation

First flights and a milestone for the F-35 Lightning II

Perhaps the most attractive quality of Boeing and Saab’s T-X trainer production was the price tag: $9.2 billion—half what the U.S. Air Force estimated the program would cost.

The T-38 Talon Finally Gets a Replacement

The Air Force picks its new trainer.

The 200lb Prototype Technology-Evaluation Research Aircraft (PTERA) landing during the first test series. The second set of tests will begin sometime this fall.

One Step Closer to Birdflight

NASA's Spanwise Adaptive Wing program gears up for a second round of test flights.

The Vought F4U Corsair was a multi-role aircraft: fighter, ground attacker, and ice cream maker.

DIY Ice Cream in Wartime

Take one Corsair, 5 ammo cans, canned milk and circle at 33,000 feet.

Around 17,000 attended the festivities at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center.

RAF 100

Happy birthday to the chaps who gave us the scramble, the “few,” and the world’s first independent air force.

An artist's conception of NASA's Low-Boom Flight Demonstrator. Coming to a sky near you?

Silence, Please: Lockheed Aims to Build a Quieter Supersonic Airplane

NASA wants to solve the thorniest problem with supersonic flight.

Vahana, airborne on January 31.

Vahana on Video

Your air taxi is on the way, but arrival may be delayed.

A Delta 747 in better times—at Tokyo's Narita International Airport in 2013

The Last 747

The “jumbo jet” makes its final flight for a U.S. airline.

In Leesburg, Virginia, air traffic controllers are testing a remote system featuring a 360-degree display and cameras they can control to pan the airspace or zoom in on a single airplane.

Remote Viewing Could Revolutionize Air Traffic Control

Russia's MC-21 on its first flight

Russia's New Airliner Takes to the Skies

The MC-21 is great, but probably isn't coming to an airport near you.

An F-16 and its loyal VISTA wingman, pictured during Have Raider I.

Military Drones Can Now Deal With Threats on Their Own

An exercise called Have Raider II sent a drone F-16 into (simulated) harm's way.


And the Winners of the NY City Drone Film Festival Are...

Watch the best drone filmography of the year.

Up to 18,000 passengers per day may be very bored.

Here’s What May Be Behind the Laptop Ban on International Flights

The threat is real, but the implementation raises a few questions.

An American Airlines 737 landing at DCA, which is just across the river from the inauguration.

Thousands of Airplanes Will Descend on Washington This Weekend

You can fly into D.C. for the inauguration—as long as you do it very carefully.

One of Amazon's drones (they're testing several types) in action.

Amazon Delivers!

The shopping behemoth’s first drone delivery goes off without a hitch.

Zipline drones will soon be a common sight over western Rwanda.

Rwanda Gets Medical Delivery by Drone

But how practical is it?

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