Perlan 2 makes its first flight on September 23, 2015.

A High-Flying Glider Takes Its First Baby Step

5,000 feet down, 85,000 more to go.

The new airport control tower under construction.

Tiny, Remote St. Helena Gets Its First Airport

The isolated island, with just 4,500 residents, is about to enter the aviation age.

A Tornado GR4 flies over the Mach Loop in Wales.

Want to See a Fighter Jet Fly Low and Fast? Here Are Some Prime Viewing Spots

Try Death Valley, or the famous “Mach Loop” in Wales.

The Hunter in happier times.

Fate Is the Hunter

A Hawker Hunter crash in England calls airshow routines into question, but it shouldn’t.

Anequim during flight testing, prior to the August 2015 world record attempts.

Brazilian Team Claims World Racing Records

<i>Anequim</i> is now the fastest shark in the sky.

Powered by two electric engines, the Airbus E-Fan crosses the English Channel in July.

Showtime for E-Planes

A battery-powered race to cross the English Channel.

Investigators carry the flap in question. It’s now in a French laboratory undergoing analysis.

Airplane Droppings

Pieces of airplane fall from the sky more often than you’d think.

The ALSIB Memorial in Fairbanks.

Hello Again, Comrades! (Здравствуйте еще раз, товарищи!)

The U.S. and Russia share a long flight to commemorate a long history.

Solar Impulse: One Giant Leap for Green Energy

Four days after takeoff, the sun-powered aircraft is still going strong.

Rick Perry runs for President; the C-130 is in the background

Guess Which Presidential Candidate Used to Fly C-130s

The right backdrop for kicking off a long, hard campaign

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson plays a helicopter pilot in his new action movie.

How to Drop Like “The Rock” When Your Helicopter Engine Dies

A lesson on autorotation in Dwayne Johnson’s new movie, <i>San Andreas</i>

The X-47B takes on fuel from a tanker on April 22, 2015

The X-47’s Missing Link

Did they skip a step in the UAV test program, or is somebody hiding something?

What’s in a Name?

Calling out ULA’s new rocket

Solar Impulse on its first test flight over the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

Sun-Powered Airplane Begins Round-The-World Flight

Solar Impulse is already out of gas. And that’s a good thing.

Slumbering giants

The New Silk Road

All paths lead back to the Middle East

Recovery of ESA’s Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle in the Pacific Ocean just west of the Galapagos islands.

European Spaceplane Test a Success

Reusable spacecraft splashes down in the Pacific.

★ Bell P-39 Aerocobra ★ P-39s did their best work on the Eastern front, where Soviet pilots did battle with the Luftwaffe at medium altitude.  A decision not to equip the Allison engine in the P-39 with a two-stage supercharger left it gasping for air at high altitudes.

P-39s of the Cactus Air Force

The Mitsubishi Regional Jet is scheduled to make its first flight this year.

Japan’s Small Jet Gamble

Can Mitsubishi succeed in the crowded regional jet market?

Another concept airplane you and I will probably never see.

Is [Your Invention Here] The Future of Aviation?

Probably not. In the airline business, innovation takes a back seat to fuel efficiency.

An F-84 experimental parasite fighter attaches to a B-36

Return of the Parasites

DARPA wants new tech for an old idea.

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