NASA concept art for a thin-haul commuter airplane.

NASA Wants Ideas for the Next Electric Airplane

Looking beyond the X-57.

The Airlander 10, Airborne

Return of the Airship

Whether it floats or flies, it’s the biggest thing in the skies

Rafat Ansari of NASA Glenn (right) helps attach a camera to a volunteer pilot's aircraft.

Private Pilots, NASA Wants Your Help

The space agency is looking for general aviation pilots to help track harmful algal blooms.

Solar Impulse 2 flies over Cairo, Egypt on July 13, 2016.

Solar Impulse 2 Finishes Its Epic Round-the-World Trip

And all without using a drop of fuel.

U.S. Army Maj. Charles Kettles, posing in front of a 121st Aviation Company UH-1H, during his second Vietnam tour of duty, 1969.

Vietnam Helicopter Pilot Awarded Medal of Honor Almost 50 Years Later

Charles Kettles’ act of heroism in May 1967 receives the nation’s highest award.

Atlanta welcomes Qatar's first flight. Atlanta's main airline, not so much.

Delta Air Lines, Jennifer Lopez, and the Middle East Three

Qatar Airways receives a frosty welcome in sunny Atlanta.

Screenshot from video

Tiny Drones Use Static Cling to Perch

A new way for micro-UAVs to get that much-needed rest.

Boeing's concept for DARPA's XS-1 spaceplane.

DARPA’s Spaceplane of the Future

Wanted: One small, reusable launch vehicle for $146 million or best offer.

LightningStrike, ready for takeoff.

Lightning Strikes for the First Time

Aurora’s X-plane takes to the air.

“Tower to Cessna G-BLHJ: Who’s a good boy?”

British TV Show Asks If Dogs Can Fly Airplanes and...Yes, They Can

This is your captain barking.

Aurora Flight Sciences' LightningStrike concept

DARPA Picks Aurora Flight Sciences For New X-Plane

It will take off like a helicopter, fly like an airplane, and be the strangest thing in the skies.

Artist’s concept of the Quiet SuperSonic Technology aircraft.

NASA Aims to Build a Quiet SST

The space agency launches its first piloted X-plane program in many years.

This Airbus A340 won't meet ICAO's emissions standards, but it's out of production anyway.

New Rules on Aircraft Emissions, But How Much Change?

ICAO’s new carbon limits may not have much effect on an industry already trying to reduce its fuel consumption.

It's showtime: The Eutelsat-9B satellite with its EDRS-A payload undergoes testing at Airbus Defence and Space in Toulouse, France.

Europe Launches Satellite to Speed Up Space Communications

Tonight’s launch of EDRS-A is a milestone for laser relays in orbit.

An artist's conception of WFIRST

Hubble’s Great Grandchild

It’s not too early to start planning the space telescopes of the 2030s.

From an observation deck at a Sanat Monica Airport restaurant, pilots and other aviation fans can watch the airplanes gather nearby.

Santa Monica Airport Will Stay Open

An FAA decision amounts to a stay of execution for the small airfield.

A Norwegian 787 completes an efficient flight to Los Angeles

Steps Toward a Green Guide to Flying

A new study on airline carbon efficiency is interesting, but not as helpful as it seems.

Comac's C919 rolls out

China Rolls Out New Passenger Jet to Compete With Boeing and Airbus

The Comac C919 is unveiled to fanfare, but it’s a very ambitious gamble.

Artist’s conception of Singapore Airlines’ A350LR.

Singapore’s In It For the (Ultra) Long Haul

It’s tough to make them work, but long-distance air routes can bring rewards.

The Air Force Museum's X-15 on the way to its new hangar.

Aviation Town, USA

For airplane enthusiasts, Dayton has plenty to offer.

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