Man With World's Longest Fingernails Finally Gets a Manicure

After growing out the nails on his left hand for 66 years, Shridhar Chillal has sold the 31 feet of keratin to Ripley's Believe It Or Not

"The seemingly rigid frontiers that have come to define places like Africa and Asia," says the museum's director Gus Casely Hayford, "are in fact remarkably fluid, connected through the intersections of art, commerce and culture."

First Major Swahili Coast Art Show Reveals a Diverse World of Cultural Exchange and Influence

At the Smithsonian’s African Art Museum, international influences commingle to create a farrago of artisanal splendors

Once touted as the Paris of the East, Ross Island has now been reclaimed by nature.

India's Abandoned Island of Colonial Horror

Eerie and desolate, Ross Island harbors a tale of oppression and disaster

“And I persevered,” says curator Debra Diamond of her find that lead to new scholarship, at the the TV Critics Association winter press tour.

A Curator's College Find Is Revisited in the New PBS Showcase ‘Civilizations'

Debra Diamond's story, says the show's producer, exemplifies the 'joy of discovery' in a whole new way

A rendering of the Statue of Unity.

India Is Building the World’s Tallest Statue

The monument will stand nearly 600 feet tall and it honors India’s first deputy prime minister, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Turtles on Versova Beach

Baby Sea Turtles Spotted on Mumbai Beach for the First Time in 20 Years

Though conservationists are celebrating the apparent success, the creatures may not be as rare as once believed

Why This Elephant in India Is Blowing Smoke

It's likely the puffing pachyderm is eating ash-covered charcoal as a form of self-medication to flush out toxins

Amdavad Ni Gufa

These Unique Buildings in India Just Won the Biggest Award in Architecture

The 90-year-old is the first Indian architect to win the Pritzker Prize

The Club in Yerevan serves up Trinifish, a signature dish that marries ingredients from the Armenian Highlands with French cooking techniques.

Four Restaurants Bringing Traditional Dishes into Contemporary Cuisine

These chefs are putting modern spins on ancient recipes

Stone Tool Discovery in India Raises Questions About Spread of Ancient Technology

The tools may suggest that humans dispersed from Africa earlier than previously believed. But not all experts agree

Why This Film Based on a 16th-Century Poem Has Sparked Violent Protests in India

The controversy around <i>Padmaavat</i> centers around its depiction of a legendary Hindu queen

Some jewels are on display at the 'Treasures of the Mughals and the Maharajahs' exibithion, at Venice's Doge's Palace, in Venice, Italy, Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2018.

Indian Jewels Swiped From Venice Museum in “Movie-Worthy" Heist

The thieves reportedly deactivated the alarm system and walked off with the goods in broad daylight

India to Cap Number of Taj Mahal Visitors

Spurred by safety and conservation concerns, officials plan to limit the number of domestic tourists to 40,000 per day

John Lennon chats with Mike Love (far right, in dark blue) as the Beatles sit for a photo with Maharishi and other course participants.

The Ashram Where the Beatles Sought Enlightenment

Beach Boys singer Mike Love recalls what it was like to be at the Indian locale, which remains a destination for fans of music and meditation

By LN Tallur
Bronze, coins and concrete 
Tallur Studio, Koteshwara, Karnataka, India

Sweeping Mumbai Exhibition Tells the Story of India, With Help From the British Museum

‘India and the World’ features 124 loans from London and 104 objects from institutions across India

In the film, Whoopi Goldberg emphasizes that ignorance does not equate with evil, and that people are capable of broadening their outlooks when presented with diverse narratives.

'The Problem with Apu' Does More Than Pick Apart a 'Simpsons' Stereotype

This new documentary tackles Asian representation in media with humor and poise

Scientists Unearth Near-Complete Marine Reptile Fossil in India

Palaeontologists have unearthed the remains of an ichthyosaur, a prehistoric creature more frequently seen in North America and Europe

Two celestial beings, China, Kucha, Kizil, Cave 224 or 205, 6th century CE

New Sackler Buddhist Exhibition Doubles the Immersive Experiences

Film of Sri Lankan site joins popular shrine room as part of three-year exhibition and we finally learn why one Buddha’s hair is blue

Manasi Kulkarni on her farm in Nandgaon, Maharashtra, India

The Intrepid Teachers Bringing Internet Access To Women In Rural India

The gender disparity among internet users in the country's small villages is staggering. A program called Internet Saathi aims to help

Sunita Narain has been working for climate justice with the New Delhi-based Centre for Science and Environment since 1982.

How an Environmental Activist Became a Pioneer for Climate Justice in India

Reducing India’s emissions will take more than science—it will take a new paradigm of de-colonialism, says Sunita Narain

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