You Should Be Really Scared of the CDC’s ‘Nightmare Bacteria’

Recent reports of this "nightmare bacteria" have grabbed headlines, and there are reports of fatality rates as high as fifty percent. Basically, it's bad, and the CDC is really worried


What Does This Head From the Thirteenth Century Tell Us About Medieval Medicine?

What can a dissection specimen from the 13th century tell us about the Dark Ages?


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Dies at 58

The long-time leader, popular for his leftist views and tight control over oil, succumbs to cancer


The Nazi’s Concentration Camp System Was, Somehow, Even Worse Than We Knew

There were tens of thousands more Nazi prisons and concentration camps than anyone previously realized.


Why Have So Many of Tibet’s Monks Set Themselves on Fire?

More than 100 Tibetan monks have set themselves aflame in the past four years

Fifty Years After Sylvia Plath’s Death, Critics Are Just Starting to Understand Her Life

Cultural fascination with the author and poet continues to burn brightly despite - or perhaps because of - Plath's premature departure from this world


Scientists Think They’ve Found Richard III’s Body Under a Parking Lot

Researchers announced this morning that the bones found beneath a parking lot in England are likely those of King Richard III


Too Much Chili Powder Or Black Pepper Can Kill Kids

A two year old girl died after her caretaker allegedly poisoned her with chili powder

Dear Abby, America’s Favorite Advice Columnist, Dies at 94

Nearly 60 years ago, Pauline Phillips became Dear Abby, and her advice has since been read by tens of millions


More Soldiers Die From Suicide Than Fall in Combat

In 2012, 349 active-duty servicemembers took their own lives


Raccoons Are Getting Brain Cancer From a Previously Unknown Virus

A new cancer-causing virus is affecting U.S. raccoons

Adam Lanza’s DNA Will Tell Us Nothing

Genetics is a powerful tool, but it will not tell us why Adam Lanza killed those people


Space Exploration and the End of an Era: Notable Deaths in 2012

Neil Armstrong, Sally Ride, Roger Boisjoly and the shuttle program form this year's late greats of space exploration

This box turtle is very disappointed in your flagrant disregard for turtlekind.

It’s Not Safe for Turtles to Cross the Road, Humans Make Sure of That

Some motorists go out of their way to hit turtles that are trying to cross the road


What Will They Do With The Body of a Beached Whale in Queens?

Rescuers, locals and conservationists have been trying to figure out just what to with the body of a fin whale that died in Queens on Thursday


Was Yasser Arafat Poisoned by Polonium?

In November, the body of Yasser Arafat was exhumed from beneath several feet of concrete to determine whether or not the leader had been poisoned by polonium 210

‘In Cold Blood’ Killers Exhumed

Richard Hickock and Perry Smith's bodies were exhumed yesterday, as part of an investigation into four murders committed in Florida in 1959

In Vigil for Newtown Victims, Video Gamers Will Put Down Their Weapons

On Friday, December 21st, a day of cease fire for online shooters


Stop Texting While You’re Walking

Texting while walking is pretty obviously a bad idea - but just how bad is it?


Rasputin Was Murdered Today in 1916

It's still a mystery who exactly orchestrated and carried out the deed

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